Thursday, February 4, 2010

Puerto Rico

Part of Lou's new territory (with his new job) is Puerto Rico. After getting home from work late on Tuesday night he searched the internet and then around 11:30 PM said "Hey, looks like this weekend would be a good weekend to go over to PR. Wanna go?" So we decided to do it and since it was late at night we decided we would take K with us. By 1:30 AM we had booked tickets and booked a hotel as well. We were leaving late Thursday night. We decided to take the 11:45 PM flight figuring K would sleep...NEVER AGAIN!! We borrowed a travel carseat from a friend, which was very helpful. Normally she goes to bed at 8, but didn't even close her eyes until 12:15. She slept for most of the flight but her ears popped when we were descending and she woke up..and stayed awake through the long wait to get the rental car and until we were in bed at the hotel (around 6 AM their time..they are 1 hour ahead) Needless to say we missed out on the complimentary breakfast that morning as we slept in till 11.
The weekend was filled with many firsts for Kelsey... first time she slept on a big girl mattress (the porta crib they had their was all metal and she was too big for it. Luckily another friend had let me borrow this toddler air mattress and I packed it just in case.) I was worried she wouldn't nap and sleep on it, but she did great. Putting it between the bed and the wall I think it was more confining and more like her crib.
Each night from 4:30-7 they had the manager's reception, which was complimentary snacks (popcorn and chips/ salsa) & drinks. So K got to try popcorn and would ask for it all day the following day until the reception again.

We were a little lax on her diet over there because it was hard not to. She couldn't eat anything on the kids menu. The first day I ordered her a $10 fruit plate, which half of it was grapefruit and she did not like. I had to give in and let her have some french fries to fill her up.
Here she is trying a french fry..needless to say she liked it. It will definitely not be a staple in her diet, but something I will allow from time to time.

Friday & Saturday Lou went to work and K and I hung out. Friday was a dreary day so we pretty much stayed in the room and read books and watched TV and made a fort. Saturday was somewhat dreary, but K & I managed to go down to the pool and the beach. We built castles in the sand.

Sunday we took K into Old San Juan. There was a festival of some sort going on. We walked around, toured though one of the forts, and they had a bounce house area set up in a town square that Kelsey quite enjoyed. We had lunch outside, under an umbrella, in the rain before heading back to the hotel. At one point during her naptime I checked on her and found her reading her books with a flashlight (with the flash of the camera you can't tell, but the room was completely dark) Before dinner we went down to the pool/hot tub with Kelsey and played in there for a while. The pool was very cold, but the hot tub wasn't too hot, so that's where we sat.


On Monday we hung out at the hotel in the AM and went to the beach and played in the pool. We had to checkout by 2, so we showered after and had lunch before heading to the airport. We realized we needed to buy something at the airport for K to have for dinner on the Kelsey had another first...chicken tenders. And as any parent who has traveled with a toddler knows, she had way too many snacks as we gave them to her to keep her from throwing a fit on the plane. We had a fun time, but I think all the junk Kelsey had didn't agree with her as when she woke up Tuesday morning she had major diarrhea, to the point I thought she had thrown up. And to top it off, she started to have an eczema reaction too...guess the diet does work after all.

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