Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My China...

Background-----As much as I hate using correct terminology, we try to use it with kelsey when talking about her girl parts. So we have taught her the word vagina, but it's not like we talk about it or use it all the the time. Now for the funny part!

Kelsey and I were just talking about how I need to put a bottom on the slipcover I am making for her bean bag. This is how the conversation went:
M: Mommy still needs to sew a bottom on and then it will be finished
K: I have a bottom too
M: yes you do
K: it's right here (spreading her legs in her footie jammies and points to her vagina)
M: No, your bottom is behind you (I turn around and pat myself on my bottom)
K: oh, right here (spreads even farther and bends forward and reaches through her legs to reach her bottom)
M: Yes!! That's your bottom
K: (repointing to the front) And this is my china!
M: (chuckling) yes it is....

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Jonah's mom said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...i've been so swamped Im just catching up on Kelsey's blog. dude..this is hilarious.