Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An artist is born....

The other day at Michael's, we bought some washable paints, kid paint brushes, some foam paper, and a paint tray. After naptime I tied one of our kitchen aprons around Kelsey and set her up outside with her easel set on top of her splat mat. She had a lot of fun and was painting both right and left handed, we have yet to figure out which is her dominant hand. We really think (and hope) that the right hand will win out.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Trip to North Carolina...

Since we were not going to be taking a BIG family vacation with my side of the family this year, we decided to take a couple of days and drive up to North Carolina to visit my brother and his family (before they move back to VA). It was a loooooonngggg drive up since we left late Thursday afternoon, hit traffic before getting to Melbourne and didn't stop until about 2 am!! Before leaving we bought Kelsey a DVD player for the car, only to be used on trips. It was pretty much her first time watching movies and she was zombied just like we thought she'd be.

We had such a good time just hanging out. Kelsey loved playing with her cousins Dylan and Allison. They helped me wake her up everyday from naps and in the morning. Dylan and Allison both took Kelsey for rides in Allison's car. Kelsey kept asking for a ride and probably would've driven herself if she was old enough. She loved it. They played in the kids' playroom. Allison taught Kelsey how to play tea party.

On Monday the kids had to go to camp before Kelsey got up. When I woke her up she said "Dylan and Allison come in?" "Where are Dylan and Allison?" I told her they were at school and when we went downstairs and she saw no one (daddy went with Uncle Michael to drop the kids off) she said "no one's here!"

On Tuesday we left in the AM to come home. It was another looonnnnggg drive, but Kelsey was very good. She even asked me to turn the video off at one point and she just played for a bit. She asks almost everyday about her video, but we have told her it is only for when we go on trips (that means not just around town).

Through the eyes of an almost 2 yr old...

It's so funny how Kelsey's view of the world differs from ours. We don't live in or near a big city. When we took a road trip last week to go visit Uncle Michael and his family in NC, we drove through Jacksonville. As we were driving over the big bridge, Kelsey exclaimed from the backseat..."Look mommy, BIG TOWERS!" She was looking out the window and pointing at the big high rise buildings of the city. Too cute!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Picnic with Mommy...

Kelsey and I decided to forgo the kitchen table and have lunch outside on this gorgeous day. We spread out a blanket and sat down to enjoy our sandwiches.
Check out how she sits!!! Like mother like daughter.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend at Bathtub beach

Lou took off of work on Friday and we packed up and drove to Bathtub Beach. Aunt Kellie met us out there before she had to go to work. It was overcast, but Kelsey still had a good time. The water was quite chilly with no sun out, so she did not want to go in. Lou snorkeled the reef for a while while Kelsey and Aunt Kellie played catch.

Planned at the last minute, we drove back out to Bathtub Beach on Saturday to meet up with Lou's family. Even though it is in Stuart, it is about 1/2 way between us, so was a great meeting point. Kelsey had a blast playing with her cousins, Ryan, Isabel & Colin. She also had fun with Gma Roselli, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Glenn and the surprise arrival of Aunt Christine and Uncle (well soon to be Uncle) Gary! She played in the sand building with Gramma and laughed as Isabel crashed their creations. She even got to take a boat ride with Daddy and Gramma

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Planting Kelsey size Tomatoes...

After seeing my friends grow tomatoes in pots, I decided to buy Kelsey a cherry tomato plant and plant it in one of our empty pots. Daddy happened to come home while we were doing this, so he got to show Kelsey how to pat down the soil. (So funny b/c she now "pats" her food all the time on her plate)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sliding into the Pool...

We've been putting her slide into her little pool lately and she has fun with it. She climbs out, carefully climbs the steps to the slide and then sits there for a bit before she slides into water. I got the bright idea to bring the slide over to the Big Pool with us. I wasn't sure if she would like it as much, but she does. She did it a bunch of times before I finally realized I needed to go get the camera.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

For the 4th of July this year we went to my parents house (nana/papa's house). My sister and her family (1 week after Ian was born) decided to drive down to join us. We also had a special guest, Kelsey's best bud Jack, who came for a sleepover since his parents had to be in/at a wedding. We got to Gma/Gpa McD's house in the morning in time to take Kelsey for a boat ride before lunch/nap. Lou and I took the waverunner out to the sandbar while Kelsey was napping, it was a beautiful day until we got nailed by the rain when we were almost back. Jack was dropped off right at the end of Kelsey's nap, so she was super excited to see him. All of the kiddos played outside on the bikes and with the balls and bubbles. Then we went swimming and had baths and picked tomatoes! After dinner we let the kiddos play for a bit. We were going to try to take Kelsey and Jack with us on the boat to go see fireworks, but the skies were cloudy and we didn't want to take the chance of then getting rained on. Good decision, because we did get rained on! In the morning, I made pancakes and scrambled eggs and after breakfast the kids decorated little step stools with foam stickers. I think they had a wonderful day/night even though they did not get to see any fireworks. (Sorry for the small pictures..I stole them off of Kellie's Facebook. When she emails me the originals I will repost them.)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bathtub Beach

What a treat...Lou had off on the Friday before the 4th. So we packed the car the night before, got up early and were out of the house by 8:45 and on our way to Bathtub Reef Beach. This is a really neat place and great beach for kids. There is a reef about 100 ft out, so all of the waves break there and leave a calm "bathtub" from the reef to the shore. The water was so clear and pretty shallow. Kelsey was able to walk in almost all of it. It was so calm and there were little fish swimming around that she could see. On our drive there we stopped at Publix and bought an inflatable boat to put Kelsey in. She loved having a boat like Papa. It was a little overcast in the beginning, but that was actually nice. Lou went over the reef and snorkeled for a bit while Kelsey and I walked around in the water and played in the boat. Kelsey thoroughly enjoyed picking up seashells and placing them in her bucket on our walk. We stayed for a little over 2 hours and then drove to another beach to shower off quickly (the bathrooms/showers at Bathtub Beach have not yet reopened) and then drove a little further north and found a shady picnic table to eat lunch. It was such a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She loves tunnels

Lately Kelsey has loved tunnels. She calls the bike rack outside the gym tunnels. She and Madeline used to play in the "tunnels" everyday when we would leave the gym. This weekend daddy built her tunnels using the ottoman coffee tables we have and his UF blanket (since I made it for him, it's allowed downstairs in view of the public). Today I couldn't reach the blanket, so I used pillows instead. That meant I couldn't push the ottomans as far away from each other as daddy did. The first time she went down she said "i don't fit" and stood up. I told her to try again and she did and then came back up and said "I'm too big". At this point I knew I needed to get the camera. I pushed them a little farther apart and started filming. I only intended for it to be a short video but then she'd do something cute or start talking more so I just kept filming. 5 minutes later...here it is: (don't forget to hit the triangle play button if you want to watch the video, and make sure your sound is turned on)

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