Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting ready for camping...

We are going on a camping trip this weekend with friends, into the cold, cold north(FL that is). Tonight we bought Kelsey a hat and gloves (on Target). It's supposed to get in the 30's, so we are preparing. Kelsey tried on her hat and gloves while drinking her milk tonight and surprisingly I think she liked them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For the life of me....

I could not get Kelsey to drink anything 2 weeks ago when she was sick. We tried to sneak pedialyte into her sippy cup, so she even stopped drinking water. I even tried (get ready to GASP) giving her juice. No go..she wanted none of it and I was getting concerned. On advice from a friend I remembered I had frozen pedialyte pops...she screamed when I came near her with them. She was having very few wet diapers and between that and her fever I needed to do something so as not to end up in the ER with a dehydrated child. When Lou got home from work I ran out to Walmart (alone!!) I bought a $.97 water bottle..and it was a success.

Remember the pedialyte pop she screamed at...well tonight when I was getting her veggies out of the freezer, she reached in and grabbed one and put it in her mouth. I still had half of the one I tried to give her when she was sick, so I let her gnaw on it for a while. If anything, I figured it would help make her teeth feel better. Stupid canines are such a bother (so were those darn molars)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sitting with Daddy after Dinner....

It's just like Daddy's

We found this reclining kids chair yesterday for an unbelievable deal, so we bought it for Kelsey. We set it up last night next to Lou's chair and this morning we brought her down to see her surprise. By the smile on her face...I think she liked it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

2 New foods in a matter of hours....

Tonight/Today Kelsey tried 2 foods she has not yet had. In line with my trying to keep her eating healthy she had Quinoa. It was mixed w/ chopped red and green peppers(She loves those) a little salt, pepper, garlic powder, EVOO and rice wine vinegar. She really enjoyed it (much more than the rice she has been spitting out at me the past 2 nights)

And hold your hollers because she also tried something else........

Pizza!! It definitely will not be an every week thing, but we were at a friend's birthday party (Happy Birthday Maddie!) and everyone else was eating it and I forgot to pack anything else for her to have. She enjoyed it...However I did give her blueberries and the quinoa salad when we got home.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Camera Happy.....

From Collages

I was a little camera happy today ( i think I took over 30 pictures) on the collage above to see some of the cute pics of Kelsey! (it should open in Picasa..if not I put the collage below, but you can't make it any bigger)

Get organized for the new year....

In an attempt to keep our family room from looking like Kelsey's playroom, we purchased a new shelving organizer. After Christmas we decided to keep the couches as they are in the picture above, which creates an area for Kelsey's stuff to be stored. It works perfectly....all of her little toys and smaller books are in the "drawers" so they are out of sight. It still allows for a place to keep the computer, a lamp and a family picture.
You'll also notice there is room in the corner to store Lou's new toys as well!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Passed Out....

We played hard at the park yesterday and it was very hot (80+). Kelsey had such pink little cheeks and she fell asleep on the way home. Normally she will wake up when we get inside, but not this time. I placed her on the rug and she was PASSED OUT!
I finally got her to wake up as I was undressing her to help cool her down. She was not happy to be woken up though.

Our Guitar Hero Star!!!

Aunt Kellie and her boyfriend James came over last night to hang out with Kelsey, eat dinner and rock out on some Guitar Hero World Tour. Prior to bath time the group played 2 songs for Kelsey. Before she let them play though, she took control of the drums and "Rocked out". If you listen on the video, she repeats rock out!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hey Buddy!

a little background. My dad (Gpa McDonald) had 3 grandsons first, and now continues to call all of his grandchildren buddy as a term of endearment.

This morning while we were hanging in bed with Kelsey she said "hi buddy" so clearly. Lou said what did she just say and she repeated exactly what I knew she had said "hi buddy!" So funny the things (words) they remember and pick up!

Kelsey's New Year's Eve Dinner...

Fillet Mignon
Dover Sole
Grilled Portabella Mushrooms
Roasted Asparagus

Christmas Pictures

Kelsey loves to read with Gpa McDonald!! Every time we are there she brings him books while he sits in his chair.

Kelsey is so excited about Daddy's gift too!!

Kelsey and daddy with the "someone at Radford loves me" bear from Aunt Kellie

If you look closely here you can see the candy cane cookie in her hand that she stole off of my plate. This was the first/only day I ever gave her a cookie, unfortunately she loved it.
Mommy & Kelsey with her new stroller and baby
Mommy helping Kelsey open a present from Gma/Gpa McDonald
Playing mommy pushing her stroller around

Kelsey and Aunt Kellie X-mas at Gma/Gpa McDonald's
Kelsey giving me my Christmas miracle...Lou found my lost Movado a few minutes before we went over to my parents for dinner and he wrapped it in the original box and all. So excited!!
Kelsey all dressed up...such a doll!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pictures with Santa...

Waiting in line with Daddy to get her picture taken with Santa Standing around waiting to see Santa Not liking Santa, so mommy had to sit with Santa too Much happier with mommy there After the failed pictures we realized how late it was and stopped at Moe's to pick up dinner. I got Kelsey a Quesadilla, but she didn't want that, she decided she wanted my monster burrito. She finally took it out of my hands. Notice that it's almost as big as her head..... she loved it!