Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kelsey's First Pedicure...

Our good friend's daughter (Ava) had her 5th b-day party today. It was a girls only party and they all got pedicures. It was very cute. K was the youngest one there and I wasn't sure if she would want one, or even how she'd do if she tried it. She was great. She chose the color red because that's what mommy got yesterday on her toes.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Sister!!

So I realized that I had not announced on the blog that we are pregnant and that Kelsey is going to be a Big Sister at the end of May. Most everyone who reads this blog should already know that, but just in case....

If you can quickly do the math..I am 20 weeks pregnant! Today we had our anatomy scan and we brought Kelsey with us. All along she has been asking for a brother AND a sister, she is learning to deal with disappointment as there is only 1 baby in my belly. The ultrasound today went well and the baby looks great. Everything is normal and baby is looking healthy!! The tech never got a great picture, but she tells us that this baby is a Kelsey is going to have a little sister in a few months.

An hour or so after the appointment we got a call from the office saying the Dr. read the ultrasound and it looks good, placenta is low lying. They said it normally will move on it's own, but that they want to see me back in 6 weeks for another ultrasound to check it. AND they are putting me on placenta rest for the next 6 weeks!! Aaaaagggghhhhhh, that means I am not allowed to work out like I do. I did have them clarify and I am still allowed to walk for fitness, just no jogging, jarring movements, or lifting heavy weights. It's going to be a long 6 weeks and I pray at the end of it I am allowed to return to my normal activity level.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Day

All season long Kelsey has been asking Santa for a horsey and a candy cane...well Santa delivered!! I think Santa decided to be extra nice to Kelsey this year since it is her last year being the only one, b/c she even got more than what she asked for...

After waking up and getting the cameras set, Lou went in and woke up K-bear. She was very excited talking about Santa and Christmas. We start by coming into our room and seeing what Santa left in our stockings. He moves them, from their display place in the family room to the mantle on the fireplace in our room, when he comes. Santa put a candy cane in K's stocking..and she got some trains, a video, some big girl panties (since she is going to be potty trained after Christmas), and a traditional tangerine and some nuts. I was multi-talented and was able to video and take a few pictures at the same time. After we came downstairs to see if Santa had brought K anything else....Santa leaves his gifts in our house unwrapped by the tree so they are the first thing you see when you come in the room. Santa brought Kelsey a Spring Rocking Horse and a junior quad car. She was very excited about the quad car and got on to ride it right away in the house. She was not quite as excited about the horse, but still got on it and rode. I think the horse is bigger than her friends, so it was a little intimidating. We had a great morning finishing opening gifts as a family at our house. She got a fantastic princess castle from Gma Roselli, all the disney character stuffed animals from her Roselli side aunts/uncles, lots of very cute outfits, and a music box.
After doing a preliminary clean up, we packed up and drove over to my parents house to spend the rest of the day with my family. Aunt Kellie was home from college, Uncle Michael, Aunt Jennifer, Dylan & Allison had come down as well to spend the holidays down here and Aunt Cindy, Uncle Chris & the boy show came down later. We normally have a pretty long Christmas as it is, but this was definitely the longest Christmas on record..ever!! We opened presents in shifts pretty much all day long, had a great brunch of breakfast hotdish and a traditional Old English Christmas (minus my sea bass) with Standing Rib Roast and Yorkshire Pudding (my fav!!)

Kelsey & Aunt Jennifer

Kelsey & Daddy watching eveyone open gifts (she wanted to help so bad and was being so patient waiting as we went around in our normal 1 at a time opens a gift routine)

Kelsey & Allison coloring

Christmas Eve

We drove down to Delray to spend Christmas Eve with Lou's family. Before going to his mom's house, we went to mass at a church down there. It was a children's service and they had a little play. We sat in the very back and Kelsey was very good. She enjoyed counting the angels and shepherds as they lined up to walk down the aisle.
Christmas Eve at Gma Roselli's is always a wonderful time. Lots of family around and lots of food. His mom does the feast of the seven fishes and it is always delicious(especially the fried calamari). Kelsey had so much fun with her cousins, uncles, Grandad and Great Uncle Paul. She was up very late, but luckily she fell alseep a little before we got home and slept through the night.

Hugs from Aunt Jenny
Riding on Grandad's shoulders..check out that smile on her face
Our Christmas Princess
Isabel helping Kelsey open her gift from Angela
Trying to wrestle with Uncle Glenn
Our Happy belly is being covered by my pashmina
Santa's Little Helper

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Thing....

that I go and check on K every night before I go to sleep (around midnight, I know I really need to change that) It was freezing again last night, so we had put Kelsey in footie jammies with socks on underneath. We even had the space heater in her room because it was supposed to get into the 20's again. Well, this is what I found when I went to check and say goodnight: I took her out and put a diaper on her and new jammies. Before I placed her back in I felt her bed and was wet!! I took her in and laid her in our bed with Lou while I went back and changed her sheets. I layer her bed with sheets and waterproof pads just in case something like this happens in the middle of night, it also makes it much easier just to take sheets off when they need to be cleaned as well. BUT, wouldn't you know it...she peed on the 5 inches that the waterproof pad doesn't cover, so both of the sheet layers were wet. Luckily I had clean sheets upstairs so I quickly threw a new pad and sheet on. I went to go get her out of our room (in the dark) and she was all snuggled up with Lou. After untangling them I put her back to bed in a clean dry bed with nice warm jammies!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Kelsey and I made jello for the first time on New Years Day night. She's never had it before, so I was not sure how she would react to it. She did like it! She didn't eat a ton of it, but it was fun to watch. Notice the trepidation in her face in the first picture :-)

Real Oranges

We had an orange in the house and Kelsey asked for some, so I peeled it and then cut it into segments and put it in a bowl for her. After she finished, she asked for more. I had some mandarin oranges in the fridge so I put them in her bowl and gave them to her. She said "No Mommy, I want real oranges!" LOL I explained to her they were real, they were just a different kind and smaller. She's so funny :-)

French Onion Soup

Kelsey loves her some Panera French Onion Soup. It was freezing last night and I wanted some soup. Knowing K can't have most soups because they are creamy (milk) based, I decided to get some French Onion from Panera. After looking it up online last night, it's prob not totally in line her restrictions, but oh well. She devoured it!! To the point that she picked up her bowl and tipped it to her lips to suck down the last few yummy drops from the bottom of the bowl. I was very proud of her with how well she was using the spoon with her soup, she definitely had her share on herself, but she did a great job for not having practice with soup.

Finger Licking Good!!!