Friday, February 5, 2010

Potty Training- Day 1

You may or may not care to read this..this post is mainly for me to look back on when it comes time to potty train #2)

Before going to bed last night I got her cup filled with milk in the fridge, filled the dog bowls with food and brought treats and a banana upstairs...all to be prepared to make my morning routine faster than normal so I could try to get to Kelsey before she peed in the AM. No such luck..she hadn't even been up minutes by the time I was in there and she was already soaked. Oh well..worth a shot. She was very excited to become a big girl today. We took a picture getting her last diaper changed and she threw it in the diaper champ by herself. Then we sat on the potty (just for show) and picked and put on her first pair of big girl panties. We literally had 1 diaper left in the house, so I had her get it and throw it away in the garbage..NO MORE DIAPERS!!

We stuck with our normal morning routine of watching TV in mommy's bed and drinking her milk while snuggling. I was hesitant to snuggle too long as she wouldn't sit on the towel I tried to put on my brand new mattress. I let her run around in her shirt and panties only. We went downstairs and I got her some mango juice and a cup of apple juice, let the hydrating begin. She said mommy I feel the poopy, so we went in and sat on the toilet and WOOHOO she went poop!! Then she was wondering around on the patio and then stopped and looked down, she had peed. We talked about how gross it was to pee in your panties and how yucky it was running down her legs. Not even 5 minutes later, same thing, this time I ran her to the potty (thinking it was for show) and she finished on the toilet. It happened again less than 10 minutes later she was on the swing set and wet her panties again, we ran back to the patio and sat on the little potty outside and she finished. Happened 1 more time before I changed the timer to 10 minutes. After was much better. We found 3 online potty videos and she loved watching them on my computer (over & over again) After lunch she went upstairs and went pee pee before going to her nap. We used "sleeping pants" (aka pull ups) for nap time. She slept for 2 1/2 hours and was wet when she got up, but I fully expected that. The rest of the afternoon went great. Lou took over for an hour when he got home so I could get out for a bit. She had one accident while he was on duty. Right after stories, but before prayers, she went in and peed one more time. She told me how everyone was very proud of her today! We are so very proud of her!! Hoping the rest of the weekend goes as well. I plan on starting the timer at 10 min in the morning, but trying to have it up to 15 before nap. Wish us luck on day #2....

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