Friday, December 28, 2007

Sitting Up!!!

So, for weeks now Kelsey has been trying to sit forward while in her carseat. Last night we were out to dinner with Gramma/Grampa McDonald and Kellie and she did it!! I had just put her back in the seat, since the food was going to be coming, but I didn't strap her in just in case she got fussy and I would need to get to her quickly. Next thing I & I looked at her and she was sitting up grabbing for her toy. I guess we are going to really have to keep an eye on her now!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kelsey's 1st Christmas

We are fortunate enough to have both of our families within driving distance now, which led to us being able to spend part of the holiday with both families. We spent Christmas Eve with Lous' family down in Delray. It was an italian "feast of the seven fishes". His mom made delicious foods from fried calamari to baked clams to sole stuffed with shrimp and crab (yum)! It was a wonderful evening spent with his entire immediate family, even his father was able to make it. We took a family photo (first since our wedding, which was missing 4 new additions) which even Tiger decided to join.

Anna spoiled Kelsey....She got a rocking horse, a tickle me elmo, a Dora push/ride on toy, a 1st christmas ornamant and a beautiful dress she can wear next year!Dick & Lou hanging out with Kelsey We spents Christmas morning just the three of us at our house. Our "first" Christmas as a family, It was nice!

Picture on the stairs before we see what Santa has brought us!!
Opening a package...a whoosit!

Kelsey's first stocking... santa brought her a teething ring, PJ's, massage oil, and a gum brush

After we opened gifts and stockings at our house, we traveled to my see my family. Lou was surprised to see what Kelsey got him for Christmas....

Kelsey had a great 1st Christmas day. She spent it in Aunt Kellie/ Boo's lap,
Hanging with Gramma and Grampa

and then to top it off her Aunt Cindy, Uncle Chris, Brian, Sean an Colin arrived to celebrate with us. But lastly...(since I am loving having a baby girl) I must show her in her 2nd Christmas dress... She is such a doll, I love her sooooooo much!!! (I know she has bows for every outfit as you will see throughtout future pictures)
We hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! We miss all of our famly and friends who are not near. Keep checking back...I will try to post at least 1-2 times a week.