Sunday, November 23, 2008

A wonderful morning....

spent outside with my beautiful bear. Lou was out of town this weekend, so it was just the girls. After Kelsey had breakfast I made my coffee and we went out back. We were there for almost 1 1/2 hours just playing in the grass, on the slides, on/with Jay Dog, and on the swing set. I missed out going to the gym this morning, but it was well worth it to spend such quality playtime with my daughter. Getting ready to play airplane (chewing on her fingers since her molars have been coming in, fun stuff!)
Playing airplane....

Sitting by the holly tree behind the swing set
Happy Girl (after bouncing on mommy)
Deep thoughts......
Sitting on her picnic bench having a blast.
Check out my hair all over the place.
She got in trouble right after this picture because she started bouncing on Jay and I think it hurt him, so I had to tell her "no bouncing". I took her off him, she proceeded to get back on him and bounce again. saying "No bounce" while doing it. Ahhhhhh......

We spent a good amount of time playing on her swing set. She played on the swings, the slide and even on the towers. I'm really glad that we purchased this for her.
Sliding down her big girl slide
Saying hello through the window Trying to climb the rockwall by herself.
I made the mistake of teaching her how to climb up. She can only get 1-2 rungs up by far.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Shoes to fill...

Uncle Michael was down for a quick visit a week or so ago. (I know I've been slacking on posting, but am making up for it now). While he went to take a nap, Kelsey was enthralled with his shoes. From putting one foot in each shoe to putting both feet in one!

Christmas gift idea....

This is why we need to get Kelsey some type of collapsible tunnels for Kelsey. She tries to climb in the kitty cat one at Gma/Gpa McD's.

Her taste has gone International...

I had Thai food for dinner and Kelsey decided to join me. She had a few tastes of coconut milk soup (she's not crazy about that), a few bites of steamed dumpling (liked it) and pad tai 2 star (she Loved that). Looks like Lou and I will be sharing our favorite take out with our almost 15 1/2 month old.

Just check out how happy she is that I am "sharing" my food with her. She totally wants everything we have now. That means now we really have to be aware of what we eat. We've been so good with what we feed her, not always as good with ourselves.

Tackling Duckie....

While away with Lou's family at Disney last weekend, Kelsey was spoiled as usual!! Gma Roselli bought her many stuffed animals including a VERY large duck which Kelsey loves to carry around. Yesterday she brought it downstairs and began tackling the duck on the carpet. She would laugh and roll around and make sure she landed on top of the duck. Then after nap she would do the same thing while hanging out with Lou. I finally caught some pictures of her with the duck today. Too cute.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

While Mom's away the children will play....

Lou & Kelsey with Tigger and Pooh on their way out of the park Friday night
Gma Roselli with Colin and Ryan

Uncle Glenn, Aunt Christine, Isabel and Kelsey with Pluto

I went out of town this weekend for the first time by myself. Granted, Lou's left for work and school and we've both left together twice to go on trips, but I had never left by myself. I got butterflies and got a little teary eyed when Lou and Kelsey dropped me off at the airport on Friday, but I knew she would be fine with her daddy.
Lou took her up to Disney with his family for the weekend. They went to Mickey's very Merry Christmas at the Magic Kingdom on Friday night, it goes from 7-midnight. Lou took Kelsey back to the hotel early b/c it was raining and she was tired. Saturday they ventured off to the Animal Kingdom, which I hear she had a blast at. They had a good time hanging with Gma Roselli, aunts/Uncle, and cousins. We are definitely blessed to be near enough to most of her cousins that Kelsey will hopefully be able to develop a great relationship with them.

Disney with Friends...

Bathtime fun...
Kelsey and Jack (below) kicking their feet up in their strollers
The Roselli's
The Cronins
Drew playing peek a boo through the mirror with the kids while they were in the bath
This should've been posted a while ago (but I am a huge slacker lately). In October we went up to Disney with our friends Megan and Matt (and their kids Jack and Drew). We had a lot of fun and the kids were great!! (Bonus!!)
Somethings is wrong with blog spot and it will not allow me to move pictures/text around..sorry

Sunday, November 9, 2008

TV and sitting

A little background..Kelsey only watches a little TV. About 20 min in the morning b/w drinking her milk/snuggling and me getting dressed, maybe 10 min in the afternoon while I shower and then sometimes about 15 min while drinking her milk before bath.

I was exhausted this morning (Kelsey woke up fussing at 5:45 and the mom in me, who would normally let her put herself back to sleep, heard something different in the cry so I jumped out of bed and ran in to her room. She was fine, but needless to say it took 20 minutes after her seeing me to get her to go back to sleep). When she woke up for real at 8:30 we tried to let her sit in our bed and watch TV with daddy, but she kept climbing on me. So, my wonderful husband took her downstairs and let me sleep a little more. When I came downstairs later to help with breakfast the TV was on. (no biggie) While I was feeding her, her eyes were glued to the TV, so Lou turned it off. After breakfast she kept pointing at the TV that's off saying "TV" and then going over to the couch and say "seat, seat" (that's how it sounds when she says sit) and would sit on the floor. Lou heard it and said earlier he told her she could only watch TV if she sat on the couch with daddy!! So cute...yet funny because she really doesn't get to watch it that much.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We're in trouble now...

Today Kelsey learned how to climb up on the couch all by herself. She then stands there, bounces a bit and says sit sit. Eventually she does sit down. I know this is going to be followed by bumps on the head when she falls off, man toddlers are always on the move..... (and smart to boot)