Thursday, February 11, 2010

PT- Day 4-6

So after a really good day 3, we decided to venture out some days 4-6. Well day 4 we HAD to b/c I had my 24 week appt. Our goal before we get in the car is to make sure she goes on the potty. She did really well in the dr's office and told me she had to go peepee a few minutes after we got there. She did have an accident Day 4 when we were at my friend Megan's house..mainly because I think I was taking too long to get her leggings off. The rest of the day was good though.

Day 5 we were scheduled to meet our friends at the park. I was a little nervous since the bathrooms are not right there, you have to leave the gated area and walk about 75-100 yards (that's alot when you have a little one who is just learning) Right before we left I kept reminding her we were gonna go on the potty before we got in the car, after I had everything packed up and brought her in the bathroom, she had gone in her underwear and her leggings were wet. I was really worried about going to the park. When we were walking up to the gate she pointed down the sidewalk and told me that's where the potty is (she has older friends in the group who are always going there) About 45 minutes after we'd been there she walked over and opened the gate and started leaving, I asked where she was going and she said to the potty. I grabbed my potty seat and wipes and grabbed her hand and we ran (as fast as a 2 1/2 yr old & prego not supposed to run can run) We got there, she was dry, I put her on and she went!! VICTORY!!! She did poop in her sleeping pants at naptime, but sleeping times I am not as concerned about at this point. The rest of the day was good until right before dinner my world crashed...first the ****** dog came in with muddy paws and tracked them all over the tile floor, so I had to grab the steam mop and clean, then right as I finish that Kelsey goes running for the bathroom so I go right after her and she had already pooped in her panties (something we have not had to deal with). Pile all that on top of my prego hormones and I ended up crying a few minutes after Lou got home.
Day 6, for some crazy reason I decided it was the day to go for a longer drive in the car. We drove cross town (~25-30 min) to go to Kohl's. I was smart and packed her little Elmo potty (we don't really use this in the house and I got this idea from a friend) in the pack of my SUV. She went to the bathroom before we left the house and then when we got to Kohl's I took her in the back of the car and she went again. She was great in the store and then we stopped at Gma/Gpa McD's house on the way home. Once again she had poop when I got her after nap. The rest of the day was good. She still has small accidents where she doesn't make it to the potty dry, but nothing that is soaking or leaving puddles. She is getting it. It's a learning process and we are very proud of her!
Day 6 we decided

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