Friday, October 31, 2008


Today was a great day! We started by going to a party with all of our friends at Music and Movement. All the kids dressed up, there were snacks galore and Ms. Denise set up a cute little picture area for the kids (parents). I was a little worried that Kelsey wouldn't like wearing her costume, but she loved it, and even wore the hood part of it without fuss.

Lou has class this weekend, so we ate an early dinner and got Kelsey dressed to go Trick or Treating. We took her to our one neighbors house (Mr. Lloyd and Ms. Brenda). They were so sweet. Brenda had a bag of grapes for Kelsey and an entire bag of goldfish, since she knew Kelsey doesn't get junk.

Daddy getting Kelsey ready to go out

First time she looked in the mirror while she was dressed up. She was quite amused.First stop..Ms.. Brenda and Mr. Lloyd's We then went over to my friend Carla's neighborhood where we met up with a bunch of families from my moms' group. Kelsey had a good time with her friends. While she didn't quite catch on to holding her pumpkin out for candy, she enjoyed seeing all of the real pumpkins people had outside.
The guys taking the kids up to a door to trick or treat
Kelsey carrying her pumpkin all by herself!

Keep dreamin' child....

My friend Megan and I with Kelsey and Jack Kelsey had her milk on the return walk

Thursday, October 30, 2008

She's a baby again...

With the cold front we've been having here, we put Kelsey in some footie jammies!!!! Yeah, she looks like a baby again. (well not really, but I can still pretend)

A gift from Gramma....

After Gma McD read the post about us buying a pumpkin she brought a gift over to Kelsey the next day. She was waiting in our driveway with it when we got home from our playdate. Can you guess what it was??? :-)

Just her size!!!

Pumpkin Witch Carving

This is by far the most intricate pumpkin we have ever carved. Lou started by tracing and poking pinholes in the pumpkin. Then we got out the dremmel to cut away at the outline.He then used a knife to do the rest of the carving
Kelsey really liked the pumpkin when it was all lit up!! Even once we went inside, she kept going over to the sliding glass door to look out at it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

At home with the 'kins....

Since we couldn't buy a baby pumpkin at the church, we decided to buy her a smaller pumpkin at Wally World. (We also got her a collapsible pumpkin to trick or treat with)
She really wanted to pick this pumpkin up and carry it like she did at the church, but it was a little heavier.She did manage to pick it up by the stem a little.After we finished playing, I put the pumpkins up on the counter and Kelsey finished her milk. Then as Lou was walking her to go up for bath, she went over to the counter and pointed and said her version of pumpkin, then went over to her playmat and said sit and sat down. So we took the pumpkins down and she played a bit more and then asked daddy to read her Halloween pumpkin book.

Pumpkin Pickin'

Since we live in South Florida it really shouldn't be called picking but rather choosing and picking up off a pallet. Anyways, we took Kelsey to go get our pumpkin today and to take pictures of her with the pumpkins. This is something we forgot to do last year. She has really liked our fake pumpkin/jack-o-lantern that we have in the house and knew exactly what they were on the pallets.
This is the pumpkin we decided on....The area that had the little pumpkins was off limits. The church was giving them to the school kids. A little girl chased us down because Kelsey was carrying one. I knew theat we couldn't buy one, I just wanted a picture of Kelsey with them.

Look at the pout on her face.....Daddy gave her a shoulder ride to the car. This made her very happy!

Riding her bike....

Lou's sister gave this to us and it has been sitting in the garage for her to get big enough. While we were waiting for a friend to stop by today, Lou took it out and put her on it and pushed her down to the cul-d-sac. She was loving it. She's not looking at the camera in the first picture because she was trying to put her feet on the pedals (not quite big enough to do that yet)

Isn't she just too darn cute?!?!?!?

New Words...

She has so many of them. I know that I need to try and get her talking on video, but she always get shy when I turn it on. Her cutest new word is Appppp-ple. She actually started saying this prior to us leaving for our Napa trip, but I didn't get the chance to post it. Other new words include snack, night night, mama (not new, but she uses it all the time now!!!), sit, cheese (when she holds the camera), water, shoe, Jay-dee (our dog), mine (not so thrilled with that one), swing, bite (like she wants a bite of my bagel...she took my last bite this morning), pig & milk. I'm sure there are others but that's all I can think of right now. She also knows some animal sounds too. She knows moo for a cow, tweet tweet for a bird, neigh for a horse, quack quack for a duck, roar for a lion, & woof woof for a doggie. It just amazes us how much she talks now!

First Hair Cut....

okay, so not really a cut, but a trim. I've noticed for a while that her bangs (her second set) were hanging over her eyes. I thought it was going to be so simple just to snip snip and be done. Yeah....I'm laughing as I write this because I was oh so wrong. I got the scissors, put her in her high chair, set the camera up to videotape it, and turned it on. I look like such a bad mommy coming at my daugter with scissors and at one point almost cut half of her bangs off. She moved as I was getting ready to snip, good thing I stopped the cutting motion quickly. All done now and she looks cute and can see!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playdate with Friends...

Since today is my nephew's birthday, he also thought of this as his birthday party!! I was initially worried about having a playdate here, but it was nice and small and we had a good time. There were 8 moms (plus Meli, my friend's sister) The kids played really well and ate cupcakes, brownies and other junk (aaahhhhh!!)