Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I love to garden/landscape. Just getting in the dirt and digging around with my hands is a sweet release. Working side by side with my husband...those are times I love the most. The problem has been ever since I was far into my pregnancy until now, I really haven't been able to help out. Lou usually goes out to work in the yard in the morning and someone has to watch Kelsey. I've asked him to wait until I put her down for a nap, but I know it's hot by then and I don't think he realized just how much I miss it. I expressed my feelings to him this past weekend and we ended up finding a solution. We drug one of her pac-n-plays outside and loaded it with toys, her snack trap (filled with cheerios), and her sippy cup of water.

As you can see from the picture, we were working on a side of the house that was shaded. We were a little wary of how she'd do...but she was marvelous!! (even when daddy accidentally flicked dirt in at her) I'm so excited that she played so well because now I can plan to work in the yard again!!! YEAH!!

Happy Birthday Gramma Roselli

This past weekend we went down to celebrate Gramma Roselli's birthday. We arrived before everyone else, so Kelsey got to spend some quality one on one time with her Gramma. Gramma played the guitar with her and read a book with her as well.
The cousins arrived and Isabel came over and gave Kelsey a hug. This is one of the first times that she's ever really been interested in Kelsey, it was very cute. She gave her lots of hugs throughout the day.
Gramma Roselli with all of her grandkids...Ryan, Isabel, Colin and Kelsey
Then Grandad arrived and everybody gathered around as he was giving Gramma her birthday gifts.
Aunt Christine holding Kelsey.

We had a very nice visit and really enjoyed the family time we got to spend. Lou and I have been very bad about remembering to take our camera out when we go down there, so I am very glad we took a bunch of pictures this time. We may be able to swing down another weekend, but really the next time we will all get together is for Kelsey's 1st birthday....can you believe she is going to be 1 in just over a month. Man, time flies!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Water, water everywhere...

We go to the fountains once a week with my moms' group. Until this week, I have either had Kelsey in her stroller or wiggle-worming (is that a word?) in my arms/lap. Last week I brought her suit and swim diaper but got there late and decided against letting her try it out. This week I gave it go. My friend's son, who is a month older, loves the water so I was hoping the same would be true for Kelsey. She spent the first 5 minutes just standing there hanging onto me (while I squatted till my quads burned). She eventually put her hand in and sat down for me. She "LOVES" water, but wasn't super crazy about this, so I was a little disappointed. She wasn't crying though, so I think she had fun. We'll try again on our next visit!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Broken Promises....

I apologize!!! I said I would post 1-2X per week and it has been over a week since my last post. To make up for it, there are 4 new posts, 2 of which should have been posted earlier in the week. Life just caught up with me! Love to all the Kelsey faithful who come here to watch her grow!!

New Blocks

My addiction continues...... I can not leave a store without something in the cart for Kelsey. In my defense, this time (yesterday) it actually was a useful purchase (unlike the playball I bought her today because she said ball as we strolled past the rack of balls). I've read alot about how babies Kelsey's age like to stack things and put things into other things. How toys that they can do this with will help them in developing their motor skills. I thought about getting the classic wooden ABC/123 blocks we all grew up with, but the ones I saw said 3+ (the ones I linked to say 2+) I ended up choosing a set of nesting/stacking blocks. This was we can build towers, knock them down AND she can put the boxes into each other. I notice now that these too say 2+, but it was not a glaring as the 3+ I saw on the wooden blocks. I think she is enjoying them. It is a toy that will grow with her and her abilities.

New ways to use a bumbo seat

We were given a bumbo seat when Kelsey was very little. She used it a little, but not very much. Her little legs were so chunky so she always would get stuck. Now she uses it in all new ways.

To climb on:

She sits backwards in it to play with her blocks:

Ready to swim....

Duckie and all!!!!!This was her first time in a swim diaper...it worked well, but it makes her bathing suit bottoms all puffy

M&M Fridays

On Fridays, after the gym, we head to the civic center to meet up with the moms' group at Music and Movement. This is a program provided by the county; however, in our case it really serves as in indoor playdate. One of the moms from our group asked the M&M teacher if she could have a "class" for us this summer, so we could be inside in the AC. It's actually been really good for me because I am learning to give Kelsey a little independance. At most parks and playdates I have her in my arms, by my side or in her stroller. Here I let her venture around. There are many mats around and toys all over the place. It's only our group, so for the most part the older kids are good about paying attention to where the "babies" are. The other moms are always on the watch as well.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Stair Climber

I posted a while ago about Kelsey learning to climb the 2 steps at my parents' house...well, here's a video I took tonight of her doing it with ease.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

All over the place

This was pre-bedtime a night or so ago. All of these pictures were taken within a matter of miuntes. She was all over her room; crawling, standing, walking between chairs....I guess life will never slow down again!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We have a climber

She's climbing up on the step ladder, trying to climb on her leap frog table, and I caught her even climbing up on her walker.
I am praying she doesn't learn to climb out of the crib too!! (If she does I may have to duck tape her in ;-P )

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

She comes a crawlin'

....as soon as I open the door to her bathroom or when she hears me turn the water on for bath time.

Almost there....

Then she likes to help by putting the ducks into her duck bath tub
and then it's time to play with the ducks (and the water)
Here she is splish-splashing around and saying "duck"

All wrapped up and ready to get dressed for bed. Such a happy girl!!