Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chck Enchiladas and Ceasar Salad

There's a little more competition in the family now for mom's (Gramma McD's) Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada's.

Um..Yummy..I like it!!
She also chowed on some Ceaser salad

Gift from Curtie Poo and Manda

My cousin Amanda and her boyfriend (Curt) stopped by the other night on their way back to school just to say hi. They had spent their spring break in the keys and picked up a little gift for Kelsey. How sweet is that?? Here's a few pictures of her in her new bib.

Friday, March 13, 2009

An Afternoon w/ Daddy

Since daddy has been working hard with school this week, we met him in Orlando for the afternoon. It was so good to see him and I think he would've held Kelsey the entire time if I hadn't told him she was tired and could ride in the stroller. (so cute how much he loves his babygirl) We went to Downtown Disney and just strolled along. Went in all the stores and stopped and played with the Legos. It was a really great time.

Look Daddy!! This Dragon was made of ALL Legos
Trying to play Legos...we realized the pieces were to small for her little hands!

Fun Times

w/ Aunt Kellie and James

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bubble, Bubble, Bubbles

Such an inexpensive toy, yet it is always entertaining. Kelsey had a blast chasing the bubbles on the patio and into the grass. She kept saying "catch it catch it".

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crazy Foods...

It's been a while since I posted anything about Kelsey's eating habits. I'm happy to say (knock on wood) that Kelsey is still a good eater. So here's 3 quick food quips:

(This one is for T-dawg) I was at the grocery store by myself (aaahhhhhh heaven!!) and I was walking down the canned fruit/veggie row. I scanned the shelves and looked up and saw beets. I decided I would pick up a small can and let Kelsey try them. As my hand reached for them I chuckled (partly to myself, partly out loud) for 2 reasons: 1st being that I don't think I've ever eaten beets (intentionally at least) and 2nd it brought back a memory from college when my roomie Tracy opened up a can/jar of beets and started eating them. I laughed at her then thinking she was so weird!! My chuckle came from realizing my child is gonna be the weird roomie now! (Love you T)

Pickled Ginger...I bought some sushi rolls at Publix the other night for dinner. Kelsey and I were eating out back b/c it was so nice out. She looked at my tray where the ginger was and said "try" and put her finger in her mouth. (I put peanut butter on her finger the other week and told her to try it) So I figured what the hay...I'll let her try it. She ate the first piece and said "I like" and asked for more. So she ended up eating 3 of the slices of pickled ginger. Crazy Girl!

Eggplant..I made eggplant tonight (she's had this before and I've posted about it). This time she was saying eggplant though and kept saying yummy as she would eat it. Of course when I turned the camera on, she would no longer say yummy. It was still cute though.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The next soccer star...

I bought Kelsey her first soccer ball. Since what seems like forever, I've been bouncing a bouncy ball off her head to get her ready for "heading" the ball. She always just laughs when I do it. She does kick the ball (pretty well), but most of the time would rather pick it up and carry it around.

My Ball

Where'd it go??

Ready for Mardi Gras...

The other week it was chilly here in FL, so we put Kelsey in footie jammies for bed. 2 mornings in row...we found her with her jammies unzipped, down around her ankles, and attempting to remove her diaper!!! Oh my goodness! The 2nd morning the zipper was all mangled in her attempt to take them off. Needless to say at naptime she's wearing pants to sleep and now we just put her in her pant jammies b/c she can't seem to figure out how to get those off...for now!

(On a sidenote some people told me to avoid this to cut the feet out and put the jammies on her backwards so she couldn't get to the zipper. Unfortunately that defeats the purpose of "footie" jammmies for us since she won't keep socks on either)

Summer is her favorite name.....

Kelsey has been learning her full name. She LOVES Summer (her middle name) and says it all the time. On the wall in our kitchen we have a plaque that says "Villa Roselli" and she always points to it while she's eating, so I always tell her it says Roselli and that it's her last name.

She can think...

So we were behind a school bus at a light and I was telling Kelsey about it. "That's a school bus Kels. It's yellow! A school bus takes kids to school" her instant reply was "like daddy". (Daddy is away at school this week) So simple, but amazed me nonetheless that she logically put the two together. Crazy that these little beings we create can actually think!


Kelsey has started saying sorry to us. We are not quite sure where she picked it up from since we really haven't focused on that yet. For the most part though she uses it in correct context/situations. She's so cute, she leans her head to her shoulder and says sooorrryyy. How could you ever stay mad at that? (sorry for the bad filming...I put the camera on the table so she would just behave normal and not get "stage fright" much for that in the beginning)

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Visit to the Zoo....

We took Kelsey to the Brevard Zoo this past weekend. Last time I took her was Feb of last year, so there was definitely a difference. We saw the giraffes, the monkeys, LOTS of birds, bobcats, gators, Antelope, Ostrich, an otter and many other animals.

Since the last time we were there they have added a pet and play area. It was really neat, and unfortunately due to time constraints we only got to spend 10-15 minutes in the petting area. Kelsey was a little hesitant to touch any of the animals, but with Daddy's help did. Don't worry, we washed our hands after..they have sanitizer everywhere around the zoo and big wash basins by the petting area.
The last thing we did before we left was to take a ride on the choo-choo(train). Kelsey enjoyed being able to ride the train, see the animals and sit with her daddy. We left the zoo by noon, so we could eat lunch on the way home and get K down for her nap. She took a great nap, and when she woke up she was asking for the monkeys and the choo-choo. (even today she still "talking" about them)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Makin' Music

For some reason the quality is not very good of this video. I'm not quite sure what i did differently, but you'll still get the point.