Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bye Bye Aunt Kellie

My baby sister packed up and headed back to college this weekend. She and her boyfriend James came by to say goodbye to little Ms. Kels (and to play with her toys)While she was here, Lou brought out one of the gifts Kelsey got for her birthday and they all played on the floor so nicely!!

Our future drummer girl???

Puppy Lovin'

I came around the corner the other day and this is what I saw.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Passed Out the shopping cart word for Kelsey

Herpangina is basically the mouth version of the hand, mouth and foot virus. Guess who has guessed it.. Our one and only lovely princess!! The other day she refused to eat lunch and dinner and literally screamed for 20 minutes when I would put her in her high chair. She was cranky and fussy and didn't sleep well and had a fever over 100. With all of this, I decided to take her to the Dr yesterday after swim lessons. I was hoping it was just water in her ears or teething or at worst an ear infection. But I did not get any of that good news. Dr. checked out her ears and they looked great. When he opened her mouth (after some protest from her) he found a very red throat with ulcers on it. It's basically a RAGING sore throat. The bummer part is the virus just has to run it's course with some motrin and a mixture of maalox/chld benadryl to help soothe. He said to keep her hydrated with lots of cold drinks and milk. My crazy kid won't eat anything (he said she'll be fine), not even plain oatmeal, but she will eat craisins and raisins. I don't know..... The worst part is that it's contagious so I can't take her to the gym with me which means I can't go. We are still going to continue swim lessons though, her swim instructor just dumped some extra chlorine in yesterday to kill anything. Woohooo, I get to see people!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Beach!!

We took a leisurely drive up the east coast of FL today while Kelsey napped in the back. On our return trip, we stopped in Vero and took Kelsey onto the beach for the first time. She'd been to the beach at her Great Aunt Muffie's house, but never in the sand nor the water. She was a little timid at first, hugging onto daddy and not really sure what to do or what this was between her toes.Then I got down on my knees with her and played with the sand and water
Then I took her down closer to the water. Eventually she decided she was big enough to let go of me and walk back across the packed sand to where we started (a little further from the actual waves) She played more with daddy and got wet as the waves rolled up to where we were
Finally she sat down in the "pool" I created and was just splish splashing awayWe hiked down the boardwalk to find a shower to rinse her offThen all wrapped up in just a towel we took her to the car and got her redressed. I think she had a fun time.

Easy Schmeasy Headband

I've been looking for headband tutorials so I can make some more for Kelsey and I found this one. I modified it a little bit. I only used one elastic hair band since I don't think Kelsey's head is big enough to need 2. In hindsight I used a little too much ribbon, so next time I'll use a little less so the elastic will actually stretch a bit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just too darn cute

Our neighbor gave Kelsey this outfit a month or two ago, but as you can see the pants are white, so I waited until she was walking alot and not crawling to put it on her. She was just so darn cute today. And she left the headband on all day and never touched it. She even napped in it. I guess I will be learning to make headbands now.

Mommy & Daddy's Bathtub

Lou gave Kelsey her first bath in our tub (he's such a cute daddy!!)

Disney w/ Lou's family

We went up to Orlando for the weekend with Gma Roselli, Aunt Christine, her BF Gary, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Glenn, and cousins Ryan, Isabel and Colin. We met up with them on Friday night and we all stayed at Disney's Old Key West Resort. Saturday we ventured to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours, came back to the resort for nap time and lunch, and then we went back for the rest of the evening. We booked it out of there as the fireworks were going off, so as not to get stuck in the mass exodus of people after they were over.

Aunt Michelle, Gma Roselli & Isabel on the tea cups

Daddy and Kelsey on the tea cups

The girl cousins

They even have a McDonald's at Disney. The kids (minus Kelsey) enjoyed French Fries

On Aladin's Magic Capet Ride

At the resort, the boys treated us to a pirate sword fight

The kids watching TV while Gma and Kelsey play

Kelsey had an obsession with Aunt Christine's shoes

Monday, August 18, 2008

Swim Lessons

We have enrolled Kelsey in swim lessons. They are not your typical swim lessons, but rather more of a survival swim. Should she happen to fall in the pool, these lessons teach them how to get onto their back and not panic, it's called swim float swim. The lessons are one-on-one for 4-6 weeks, M-F for 15 minutes. I've taught swim lessons, but never anything like this, or this young. This will be some of the best $$ that Lou and I ever spend on her, especially since we have a pool and so do both sets of grandparents and 2 aunts.

My friend warned me that it was going to be hard to watch today. Kelsey cried almost the entire 15 minutes, but she did so awesome. After about 3 times of being put under water, she realized/learned to hold her breath before being put under. And then she was actually starting to put her face in the water before the instructor even got finished counting. Mind you this was all through tears and crying. She also worked on floating on her back, which she did pretty good at and then the instructor had her on her belly and let her go under and "swim" to her (not really swim, but the beginning of it) I took video, but am not going to put it up for a few weeks. If I put it up now, I'm going to get phone calls from people telling me to take her out of the lessons. I want to show the comparison at the end.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Party Dress....

Happy 1st Birthday, Princess! We love you!!

1st Birthday Party!

At first we weren't going to decorate, but I got "mommy guilt" and decided we needed to decorate a little. On oriental trading I found a Duckie Luau theme, perfect since she LOVES ducks and the invites I made were on grass mats. Lou's entire family plus his Aunt Grace made the drive up, my whole family (except my brother and his family they are in VA), and friends were here to help us celebrate our baby girl's 1st birthday. To save our sanity we decided to order food instead of grilling out. We ordered BBQ from Sonny's and nuggets from Chick-fil-a. (and had lots of leftovers) The kids (25 of them) had a blast. They played on Kelsey's swing set, used the bubble wands as swords and went in the small bounce house we borrowed from Lou's sister.I made yellow chocolate duckies
Gma Roselli made and decorated this awesome cake in a circus theme. So cute down to the can see the "K" on the Big Top tent
Everybody gathered outside to sing happy birthday. It sounded like an entire chorus showed up to sing, it was very cool!Lou gave her her first taste of icing (sugar in general) and she did not like it. He reaction was to cry. We even tried to give her some cake the next day and we got the same reaction until we took it off of her tray.

Our good friends Chris and Michele drove up from Margate and Rob and Tammy came up from Boynton with their kids(Connor and Chloe). It was so good to see them all again. I used to work with Chris and Tammy at Westglades

Chris and Connor playing Wii

Kelsey had fun playing with Chloe (6 mos). She tried to put leis on her and gave her hugs and kisses. Kelsey was up well past her bed time, but it was worth it to be able to spend time with our friends.

.........Stay tuned for pictures of just Kelsey in her party dress. She was such a little doll!