Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm ready for the beach....

Daddy's Graduation!!!

YEAH!!! For the past 16 months, Lou has been gone 1 weekend a month (and 2 separate full weeks). He's been working on his MBA at UF in their professional program. While we are VERY proud of him, we are so happy he is done! We went up to UF with him the other weekend for his finals on Saturday and then his graduation ceremony on Sunday. Kelsey was so good during the ceremony. Lou couldn't hear her, but she kept saying "daddy sit" (and pointing up to him. Only about 190 graduates, so it was small) & "daddy wear hat" It was so cute. She spent most of the ceremony playing on the floor with stickers, which was fine by me since she was entertained and not loud. Our good friends Derek and Liz were there with us. They've been awesome friends and let Lou crash at their place every month (which saved us $$$).
Before Derek and Liz got there, Kelsey had a chair to herself. She had so much fun "rocking" the chair up and down. Too bad there wasn't 4 seats in a row, this would've entretained her the entire time for sure (instead of the dirty ground)
This is where she was pointing at daddy
Hiding, playing shy behind a bench
Lou & Kelsey with Derek and Liz
Kels & Daddy w/ the tower in the background
She loves being in daddy's arms
She loved playing with the tassel

Check out how long her hair is....

A trip to the Animal Farm

My mom's group took a field trip 15 minutes down the highway to a small farm. The wonderful lady who owns it, lets the kids feed and pet the animals. She tells them about the animals and even let them hold some baby bunnies and baby ducks (watch out they poop!) All this animal fun for only $5 a kid. What a deal!!
Kelsey and I arrived a few minutes late and the group was coming out of the barn with hay to feed the sheep, alpacas, pigs and other animals I didn't catch the name of since we were late (oops! I had to stop and get my Starbucks fix)
Petting the bunny with mommyEmma showing Kelsey the baby duck Kelsey, Madeline & Kimber w/ the duck
Standing on a rock checking out all the animals
Here Chicken chicken!!!
Going to see the horses (she LOVED the horses)
Hello Frankie!
Petting the bunny with Ms. Deb
Checking out the bigger bunnies in the cages with Madeline's been about 2 1/2 weeks since we went to the farm, but Kelsey still tells me "farm fun" and I ask her what she saw/did and she tells me about the chickens "hold baby duck" hold baby bunny" and about the ducks & horses. I think it left an impression on her. So cool!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zoo Trip with friends

Last week we took a trip up to the zoo with our friends from the moms' group. It was a long drive, but we had a lot of fun. We saw lots of birds, monkeys, gators, a fox, and Kelsey got to see the Giraffes. As a group, we stopped by the giraffe place twice, but both times the giraffes were not out. Watching a girl feed a bird on her arm. 2 seconds later the bird flew right at Kelsey and landed above her head on the rail.Kelsey petting a bird
This was in the petting area of the zoo...Kelsey was hesitantly petting all of the animals in here.How freaking cute is this...soo totally not posed. They just held hands when we were leaving the monkey area. They have a water area at this zoo. Kelsey was a little hesitant at first. It was so strange.
Then she started to get more comfortable and walked away
Playing with some of the water toys
She found a turtle and a shark and was very happy.

Easter Afternoon

We drove down to visit Lou's family for the afternoon/evening. His mom had an Easter egg hunt setup for the kiddos and the Easter Bunny came to her house as well. While all of the other kids stopped the egg hunt as soon as they saw the gifts from the Easter bunny on the table....Kelsey continued on picking up eggs.
Kelsey had a lot of fun playing with Aunt Jenny and Aunt Michelle.
She also had a blast trying to play with the big boys!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny hid Kelsey's basket outside and setup an egg hunt for her as well.
She was so into the egg hunt (cleaning up the eggs) that she didn't really even care about her basket until we made her stop and check it out!
She got a bunny book, bunny ears, a bunny, stickers and a wheel and trapeze for her swing set. (yes, there was no candy... The Easter Bunny realizes she's not even 2 so there's no need for it)