Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh Happy Day....

While perusing the shelves at the local nutrition (ie expensive as all get out) store, Kelsey and I found Rice Cheese!!! They had both a cheddar and mozzarella shreds version so we bought both to try out. (It does have a little bit of casein in it, so we won't be using it all the time) But Kelsey got to have a grilled cheese sandwich today, something she used to LOVE, and I bought some gluten free/dairy free pizza squares and she is going to have pizza this weekend!! Wohooo!!

Funny thing is I asked her if I could try her sandwich ( I like to taste her new things to make sure they are not just way gross) and she said "No. Mommy this is my cheese. It is gluten free (she thinks everything she has has to be gluten free even though I try to tell her its dairy free) and it's estensive (expensive). Your cheese has gluten and I can't have it, so this is mine. And my new wipes are estensive too (we bought the flushable wipes for poopoo time)"

I'll post a picture of her eating some pizza this weekend :-)

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