Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Day of Many Firsts

Today was a big day for our little Ms. Kelsey. We had an appt at 1:30 to get her convertible carseat (Yes I know it's girly) installed in my car. I LOVE it and I think she does too. She looks so comfy in it and easily fell asleep. Tomorrow we will install the other car seat in Lou's car!Since I no longer have a carrier, that meant when we went to the grocery store she got to sit in the cart in her new shopping cart cover ( I saved some $$ since I found it at Marshall's) She did pretty good sitting up. I put her blankie behind her to help give her support. She did slide to the side occasionally.And lastly.... I decided to try her in the Johnny Jump Up. At the gym day care they have put her in the stationary jumperoo and she loves it. This was definitely no different. She had a blast. She was probably in it for over 30 minutes and would've stayed longer. Once I realized how much she liked it, I put it in our bathroom doorway so I could shower and actually enjoy it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Car Seats

Tommorrow Kelsey's convertible car seat will be installed. She is long and heavy and we are ready to move her out of the carrier since she is getting pretty good at sitting up by herself. We bought a Britax Marathon for my car (Ashley). I am super excited about this seat, as it is very safe and more comfortable than her current graco infant carrier; which has served its purpose.

We were deciding what to do for a seat in Lou's car. Originally we just figured we'd transfer the Britax....then I realized and a friend gave her opinion, that it would become a hassle. THen we decided we'd just put whatever seat in, since it would be her second car seat. THEN we realized we drive Lou's car as much, if not more, than mine since his is a company car. So we looked at getting another seat, but didn't really want to shell out over $200 for another Britax. We did want to make sure it was a safe seat though. We went to Babies-R-Us with intent on either buying a Britax, if they had one on clearance, or an Evenflo Triumph. The sales guy then started telling us all about the Alpha Omega that converts into a booster (one less seat to buy). However, after calling my sister and having her read online reviews we decided to hold off. The reviews raved about the seat when it's in the forward facing position, but cursed it in rear facing. Since Kelsey is going to be rear facing for at least 6 more months we decided not to do it.

When we got home I srated doing some more online research and came across the Fisher Price Safe Voyage, which is made by Britax under the fisher price label so it's more affordable. It is basically the Marathon model minus some of the bells and whistles. I emailed my local mom's group asking for advice on the two seats (FP Safe Voyage and Alpha Omega). One of the moms emailed me back saying she had just upgraded her son to a booster and that I could HAVE her Britax Roundabout. I'd just need to buy a new cover since hers was pretty beat up. What Luck!! According to Britax expiration standards, the seat is only good till the end of next year, but by that time we can get her the Alpha Omega. So moral of the story is for $57 (price of a custom made car seat cover on ebay by momstwogirlz) We now have a Britax for Lou's car too!!

Before with Old Cover

After with New Cover

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cereal Time!!

We had decided that after our Disney trip we would start Kelsey on rice cereal. (I gave it to her once at 4 months, but I didn't feel ready yet. So after reading research we decided to wait until 6 months) She will be 6 months old (I know, I can't believe it either) next Saturday.

After we got home and got settled, I strapped her high chair onto a kitchen chair and mixed up a bowl of cereal. She did really well, reaching for the spoon out of my hands and swallowing most of went in her mouth. She was chatting it up so Lou tried to get her on video, but as you can see, she just looks at the camera and smiles :-)

Towards the end she was spitting some out and making faces. All in all I think it went well, and Lou is going to give her a little before bedtime tonight. Just one more thing to remember to do everyday now! After her 6 month check up on the 5th we are going to start adding in pureed foods too. What exciting times lay ahead!!! I'm keeping with the motto a friend told me "Food before one is nothing but fun".

Kelsey's 1st Disney Trip

For my 30th birthday I told Lou I didn't want to do anything big, I just wanted to go away. So he decided we would go up to Disney the weekend following my birthday (this weekend). Before Kelsey came along we used to be season pass holders and went up to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom quite often.
We ended up getting to the park later than we anticipated (2pm)and found that it was closing at 7. We were bummed, but the ticket lady told us if we bought tickets to the Princess and Pirates Party we could stay from 4 pm till Midnight and it would only cost us $48 each (instead of 60 something). So we rode the monorail to the Polynesian and killed 2 hours before entering the park. This time was definitely different, from the moment we entered Magic Kingdom, because we had Kelsey with us. Stroller in hand, diaper bag packed with lots of diapers and extra clothes, sippy cup with water and plenty of toys, along with the baby bjorn (we hadn't used this before as I always have just used my ring sling) and we were off..but not before stopping to see the charaters on parade as we walked in:

We stopped and waited in line to get pictures taken with characters (some short...others not so short)

We rode Dumbo, Buzz Light Year, Peter Pan, It's a small world, Pooh. We walked through Swiss Family Robinson and took the jungle cruise. All of these new adventures for us, since these are typically not things we do there.

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to going back when Kelsey will be able to enjoy it all. It was neat to watch her looking all around at all of the colors in It's a Small World and other rides. Kelsey was a trooper and was up way past her bedtime. She did take two naps through the night and then was passed out when we boarded the monorail.

Kelsey and Jay Dog

For those of you who do not know, JD is blind. So he really doensn't care too much for Kelsey being here, other than the fact that her toys have taken over his "paths" that he knows in the house. Kelsey; however, has become interested in him. Anytime he is near, she reaches out and wants to touch him. The problem is I usually can't get him to go near enough. Since she is sitting up really well, I sat her on the floor with him for a minute or so. After a kiss, he wasn't very interested. But it was cute nonetheless.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Camera Shy

For a little over a week or two Kelsey has been making the mmmmaaaaa sound (I know she doesnt mean me, but it's cool to hear) She also has an ahhhhahhh sound and sometimes likes to screech. But she has gotten so camera shy. When she sees the camera go on, she just stares at it with almost a blank stare, or just smiles and will sit there doing nothing! I keep trying to sneak and catch her "talking", but to no avail yet. The only thing I have come close to getting is a 45 second video where she's quiet the entire time until the last 3 seconds. I promise to keep trying to catch it so I can share it with you all..it's so darn cute!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

They meet...

This morning my two prized possessions met each other:

TD (aka Teddy Dog) and Kelsey Bear

Yes, I still have TD. Of course...only one of these possessions does Lou like to have in bed with us! Can you guess which one he likes to hang from the fan or shove under the bed and which one he likes to snuggle with??

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hair Bows (for Kelsey)

So, those of you that know me well may be thinking "Lori and bows...they just don't go together" This is a true statement. In fact just the other day my mom recalled one of my first phone calls home from AUburn my first year. I said (read this with a little disgust in your vioce) "Mom, the girls here all wear bows in their hair" Never fear....I have not changed...I still will not put a bow in MY hair or wear pink on MY body, but my daughter just looks too darn cute not to. Plus, even with all of her hair and the fact that I gave in and put her in pink, people were still calling her a boy.

While playing on the internet I found a site that sells cute hair bows for babies. I was debating whether or not to order any and then I joined a local moms group. It just so happens one of the moms has a small side business doing this. It's called "This Little Piggy Hair Bows". Well, I decided I'd rather support a SAHM that I know. I ordered a ton of bows and a initial bow holder. She even has some patterned ribbon that's not listed and will work with you on your orders. They are not only for infants, she uses baby pinch clips, alligator clips and french clips. And if your baby/toddler doesn't have enough hair for a clip, or you just like headbands, she makes a really cute flower bow head band. I am making a list of new colors that I need to add to Kelsey's collection (definitely need a shamrock and one for valentines day too).

Butterfly Bow

Bow Holder
Bows for Dressing up

Matching Bows for outfits
Even Boys can wear bows too!!! (LOL)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

She rolled the other way....

No pics/videos :-( .... Kelsey was on her mat on the floor while I was working. She was on her belly (since she rolled over) playing with her farm music mat. Next thing I know I look down at her and she is rolling back over to be on her back. WHOA!! I've tried to teach her that, but could never get her to look back to start to attempt the roll. I guess some things they just learn on their own.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

She ROLLS!!!!

It is so exciting when your child does something on their own for the first time. Today Kelsey rolled over by herself from her back to her tummy!! As I stated in an earlier post, I am starting to get better about giving her "tummy time" everyday and just in general putting her down and not holding her all the time. For the past 2 days I have gotten down on the floor with her and "played". When I noticed she was turning to her side to try to get things, I began showing her how to roll over. Practice makes perfect and she surprised us today. Now I need to figure out how to get her to roll back over so she doesn't accidentally do it at night and wake herself up because she can't get back to her back. Sitting up with help, sippy cups, now rolling over, my little girl is getting so BIG!! ;-(

Sippy Cup Time

Kelsey has been trying to grab our drinks out of our hands, so yesterday I decided to buy her a sippy cup and let her start trying it out with water. WHOA...no one warned me how many kinds there are to choose from!! I ended up getting a NUBY which is for 3 mos + and a avent one that's 6 mos +. She really likes the colors of the NUBY one. She knew what to do with it, but as Lou says...we already knew she'd put it in her mouth just like everything else. She did actually get it in right. I don't know if she actually drank any water, because her onesie was soaked when I took the cup away. I think she sucked the water out and then drooled it down her front. She was much with it today.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Everyone's back at school... but what about Kelsey?

Well, it's official! Everyone in my house (except Kelsey), is back in school as of today. Lou started his MBA program last week. He had to spend ~1 1/2 weeks up in Gainseville for orientation and gets home tomorrow night. (Yes, I have been a single mother and it sucks!! Props to all full time single moms out there, I don't know how you do it!) Tonight I had my first class, nutrition, for 2 1/2 hours. Usually Lou will have daddy date night with Kelsey on Thursdays, but since he is still away Gramma came to the rescue. I can't thank you enough mom!!! You ROCK!!!!

What is it with cell phones and remotes??

If Kelsey had her way, every cell phone and remote control would be covered in slobber. Any time she sees one she reaches out and tries to grab for it, and if she is successful, straight to her mouth it goes. While I was holding her today and trying to work at the desk, she kept wriggling and trying to get to my cell phone. That's when I spotted my salvation!! On the bottom shelf of the bookshelf happen to be all of our old phones we've never gotten rid of. I laid her down on her quilt and handed her one of the old phones. Sweet joy!! Where do you think it went??

This looks mighty tasty!!!

What do you know...it is!!

Foot Rattles

So, I have a very hard time walking through the baby section and not picking something up for my little sweet pea. I was at Wally World the other day to buy coffee and came home with foot rattles too. I figured she's really into her feet, so they would be fun (plus they were only like $2)

She enjoys them, but ends up pulling them off.....

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Butt Scootch....and trying to roll over

Here's a video of Kelsey scootchin a little bit. (Everytime I turned the camera on she would basically stop and only move a bit) She lifts her little toosh off the ground to scoot herself :-) One minute she will be on her mat, then I'll turn back to look at her and she is off the mat.

Now that I put her on the ground more she is showing signs of wanting to try to roll over. Here's a video of me trying to get her to roll.

Tummy Time!!

I've been really bad about "tummy time" with Kelsey. But lately I've been trying to be better at it. This weekend she spent alot of time on her tummy on a quilt at Gramma and Grampa's and she wasn't fussy. So, today we tried again. She was so cute. Holding herself up high on her hands and reaching out to touch her farm animal pad. She spent about 20 minutes "playing".

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Goodnight Daddy!!

Daddy is out of town, but we miss him very much!! And we call to say goodnight everynight. We made this video the night he left, but it was too big for his email to open.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Never too old for new tricks

Kelsey just turned 5 months this past Wed. ( I can't believe it!!!) I wanted to share with you her new tricks

I'm starting to be able to sit on my own

I have found my feet.....

.....and I can put them in my mouth!

The McDonald Clan get together

This past weekend we had a treat!! Kelsey got meet more of her extended family. My uncle Tom, Aunt Kathy, Tricia and Michelle traveled to FL for their annual visit to Kathy's family, and they also made a stop at mom and dad's!! Uncle Jeff brought Aunt Robin, Amanda, Megs, and Amanda's BF Curt up. Cindy and Chris brought the boy show down too!! We had dinner for 15 (adults)on Sunday night. Lou and I made homemade sauce and then made baked Ziti and chicken parm. It was so nice to be able to show off my darling little girl in person. She was very well behaved for being up waaaaayyyyy past her bedtime. She shared her smiles and was just plain lovable!!