Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The A says ahhh!

Thanks to my cousin's wife for her blog post about the Leapfrog Letter Factory Video. Their daughter is a little older than Kelsey, but I decided to get it anyways and all I can say is WOW!! Kelsey knows and recognizes all of the letters and their sounds. She is constantly singing the song and talking about her letters. A long time ago at the dollar store I bought some letter flashcards which she now plays with in the car. What really impressed me this weekend was she was going through them in the car and she would tell us the letter, it's sound and then on the other side is a word/picture that starts with the letter. As you'll see on the video when she got to "K" she tells me that Kelsey and Kangaroo also start with K (obviously neither of those were on the card), so she is really learning, not just repeating what's on the card. Very cool!! (video quality is not great..it's from my cell)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swimming Refresher....

Normally I would just do this myself, but our pool has been too cool for me to take her in and work with her (however this week it has finally gotten up to about 84). And with my upcoming (unavoidable) c-section I am not going to be able to take Ms. Kelsey in for 6 weeks post. With only a little over 2 weeks until baby sister arrives, I debated and debated and finally decided just to shoot the swim instructor an email last Thursday and see if there was any way she could squeeze Kelsey in for this week. Low and behold she was able to work her in at 9 am (not my ideal time as that's prime snuggle time), so we snatched up the time slot. This way we would have 2 weeks pre-baby to work on her swimming.

I tried making/having Kelsey float the other weekend when I was at my parents and that led to nothing but crying (very loudly) and then full on pouting with her arms crossed and all. I warned Ms. Kirsten that she was gonna cry and she did! Monday she cried basically the whole time. Saying "I want Mama" and telling Kirsten she was done. She still for the most part did what she was asked. Yesterday she cried as I walked her to the pool edge and then for about the first 3-4 minutes and then was done. She did great. And today she cried (more whined) as I walked her to the pool edge and then never cried in the pool. She did wonderful. She was floating really well, swimming great, and even did good when flipped upside down in the water and had to resurface. She finished her refresher in 3 days!! We still need to work with her on using her arms, but that will just take time and practice, but we know she will get it. I(we) will feel much better having her around the pool this summer knowing she's already got it down.

Here's a video from her lesson today.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super Happy

Kelsey just put her hands in the shape of a heart (well as close to making a heart as she could), she then leaned into me and placed her heart shaped hands on my chest. She looked up at me and asked "Do I make your heart super happy?" I told her yes you make my heart happy. She said "No, do I make your heart SUPER Happy?" Yes princess, you make mommy's heart SUPER happy. How do you not just love that?!?! I'm putting that away in my heart as a special memory to be pulled out in about 10 years!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day before Easter

Lou's travel schedule changed and he was home the Saturday before Easter, so we took Kelsey to a local park that was having a huge Easter Eggstravaganza held by the local Methodist church. There were lots of crafts, free food, bounce houses and egg hunts divided up by age groups. I forgot to take a picture of the before, but it was essentially a soccer field covered with eggs. You filed in around when it was your age groups time and then when they blew the whistle it was mass chaos onto the field (I'm sure the older age groups were actually chaos, K's age group was just lots of people) She had a good time picking up eggs and then when we were done we sat on another field and let her open them up. She doesn't eat candy (which is pretty much what was in them all) so she'd open them and put the candy in a pile for her cousins, then closed the eggs.
After nap on Saturday we let her dye her Easter eggs. I showed her how to draw on it with a crayon before putting them in the dye and she really liked that. We even made an egg for baby sister, along with an AUburn one, a UF one and a Kelsey bear one. She would've loved to dye about 30 if we had them.