Saturday, February 6, 2010

Potty training- Day 2

Today started out really soon as I got K out of bed she went pee/poop on the potty!! Score. That was the end of the good for most of the day. She was outside and at one point just stopped and stood there, spread her legs and looked down and watched herself pee. She never stopped..just kept on peeing. Aye... Then it happened again, inside this time on the rug!! The third time she at least caught herself part way through peeing on the rug. (Have to be happy for small miracles) I pretty much ditched the timer today which is why I think we started having these accidents again. But I wanted her to be able to learn the feeling and not just know she has to go when mommy takes her to the potty. At one point Lou asked me, "So what do we do if she doesn't have the hang of this tomorrow?". The simple answer is I'll continue doing it during the week, by myself :-( which will suck. She went down for nap and we put her sleeping pants on. About an hour into it she started calling my name, so I ran in (which I normally don't do) thinking maybe she had to go poop. She had taken her pull up off, it was dry though. I put it back on her and convinced her it was still nap time for a bit longer. When I finally got her up, her pull-up was off again. (Even though we don't refer to them as diapers or anything like that, K calls them diapers. Trying to break her of that.) We went straight to the potty and she went. Luckily her bed was dry!! I was still taking her to the potty after nap every 20-30 min or so as she would not tell me when she had to go with me prompting. Finally she was sitting on the tile and got up quickly and said I have to poopie (which is what she has been calling going to the bathroom in general) and started towards the bathroom. I expected to see a puddle, but she was dry!! I put her on and she went both pee/poop!! Then a little bit later she was on her kitchen stool and quickly got down saying I need to pee (starting to understand the difference I think) There was a little bit on the stool, but she made it to the potty for most. Then as she was finishing dinner she pushed away from the table and started to get out of her chair. I let her down and she went straight for the bathroom!! These last three events leave me feeling more positive for tomorrow.

Reminder to self for next time...DO NOT USE TIMER ON THE FIRST DAY. I feel like this set us up for failure/frustration this morning. Next time just let them have the accidents the first day and learn the feeling. Let them learn that they do not like pee running down their legs in one day instead of two!!

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