Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cute things she says/does...

As I am putting Kelsey in the car after the gym, she looks at me and says "mommy put the air on" I told her I would as soon as I got her all buckled in. She then said "I'm hot. I'm so hot"

She is very polite and says "thank you" and "please" unprompted alot. We still prompt her occasionally, but it's nice to hear her say thank you all the time.

For the past 2 months now she has been using 3-5 word phrases and sentences. This is such a neat stage. You can truly communicate with them.

She lays in her bed and sings the entire song of "twinkle, twinkle" along with her frog. She also can sing her ABC's with frog and mommy/daddy.

The other morning I quietly watched her in her bed singing to herself. She sang "the wheels on the bus" (including our own verse about what the daddy's on the bus say "I love you"), then she sang her ABC's, then she started counting and then sang twinkle twinkle as I came in to see her.

When daddy leaves for work I have her say "I love you daddy" and "Have a good day, daddy" So the other afternoon she pushes through the gate and heads towards the front door and says "Bye. Have a good day mommy"

She likes to run around (outside/at nana & papa's house/ through our gates) and look back at you and say with a huge smile "I'm running away"

She learned the words "no way" from her friend Jack. We really don't like it when she uses it, but sometimes you just want to bust out laughing when she looks at you and says "no way, mommy (or daddy)"

She's always saying "oh man!!" Especially when something doesn't go right.

Her newest line is "I'm a lion...rrroaaar!" Then Lou will say I'm a cow and she says "I'm a cow too." Lou says I'm a bunny, K says "I'm a bunny too!" We're not quite sure where this line came from. But it's very funny to hear it on the monitor out of nowhere.

She is obsessed with boats. She LOVES to go for rides in Papa's Boat. Every boat we pass while we are in the car she tells us. When we drive past marinas where there are lots of boats, she counts them. We bought her an inflatable boat which she calls "my boat" and she likes to use it in the pool and at the beach.

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