Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Father's day gift for K...

Before dinner on father's day we ran out to the store and bought Kelsey a father's day gift. Lou's been wanting a wagon for a while for when we take her on walks at night. So I gave in and Kellie drove us to the store. We returned to my parents house, after spending quite more than we thought it would be, and Lou proceeded to put it together so we could take Kels on a walk before our dinner (she had already eaten).

Helping daddy hammer the last wheel on First time sitting in the Wagon..she likes it!Getting ready to go on a walk
Kelsey and Daddy stopped to check out the bunny rabbit
Drinking her milk while taking a cruise
We are very happy with the wagon; however, she constantly tries to stand up and walk around and plays Houdini and gets out of the seatbelts. In that sense I still feel like she is a little young for it. We like the addition of the adult cup holders. And it has some neat functions, like when only using it with one child, it has a tray table option or covered storage. It's really neat. We consider this an investment since we will be able to use it still when we have another child one day.


Erik Burckart said...

I say this because I thought it was funny when others say it to us:

"Preparing for another kid? Are you pregnant?!??!?"

Lori Beth said...

and I respond in the same way you expect.."No" We just know we want another child in the next yr or so.