Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She loves tunnels

Lately Kelsey has loved tunnels. She calls the bike rack outside the gym tunnels. She and Madeline used to play in the "tunnels" everyday when we would leave the gym. This weekend daddy built her tunnels using the ottoman coffee tables we have and his UF blanket (since I made it for him, it's allowed downstairs in view of the public). Today I couldn't reach the blanket, so I used pillows instead. That meant I couldn't push the ottomans as far away from each other as daddy did. The first time she went down she said "i don't fit" and stood up. I told her to try again and she did and then came back up and said "I'm too big". At this point I knew I needed to get the camera. I pushed them a little farther apart and started filming. I only intended for it to be a short video but then she'd do something cute or start talking more so I just kept filming. 5 minutes it is: (don't forget to hit the triangle play button if you want to watch the video, and make sure your sound is turned on)

PS...I have a bunch of posts in draft, so when you check back, make sure you scroll down past this post

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