Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Even though he did some house chores in the AM (the lawn needed to be mowed), I think Lou had a nice, relaxing father's day. We went over to my parents house before lunch and went on a boat ride w/ Gmpa McD (known to Kelsey as papa) and Aunt Kellie. While Kelsey was napping we took the paddle boat next door to the Tiki bar w/ Kellie and had some beers (after going in circles for a bit). Then we spent a while in the pool as well. And Kelsey got to pick a tomato off of Gma's vines. My mom made ribs (one of Lou's favorites) for dinner. It was a very nice day. Kelsey got her daddy some new running clothes and a white running light so he and Jenna can both have one when they run at night.

Daddy and Kels chillaxin' in the pool at Nana & Papa's House
Playing with "Papa"
Getting ready to swim to mommy!
Playing with Aunt Kellie in the deep end
Papa McD, Aunt Kellie, Daddy, Mommy and Kelsey Bear in the pool
On a ride on Daddy's Shoulders
Kisses for her Daddy!!!
I was tackling Lou while he was shooting at mom
Mom got hot and decided to jump in clothes and all (Typical!) Here's Kelsey swimming underwater to Gma McD.
Holding her tomato that she picked all by herself! She was so proud to be holding her tonemo.

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