Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kids Adventure Zone

We went to Kids Adventure Zone, a local indoor bounce house place, this week with the moms group. We get a group rate ($1 off) since we have a decent # of people. I was worried that Kelsey would not like it, and that's I'd be wasting $4, but she had a great time. She climbed right in the first bounce house with her friends, climbed up the ladder (b/c everyone else was) then wasn't sure what to do at the top. I had Drew (my friend Megan's 8 yr old) help Kelsey to go down the slide. Her face was in shock on the ride down, but she was all smiles at the bottom and no tears!! She played on almost all of the bounce houses, but had the most fun in the toddler area where there was a pool filled with balls. She kept telling me she was swimming and would lay down in the balls and kick her feet. Needless to say she got smooshed a few times b/c other kids came in the pool and didn't see her.

Marco & Kelsey (this was right before he started rolling onto her and she would say "No Marco")
Notice the child in mid-air getting ready to jump in ON Kelsey
Kelsey, Madeline & Melyna in the ball pool

I took her down the large slide with me 3 times. The third time she didn't want to go, so I told her she could go on her belly (feet first) and she was happy. I decided to go on my belly as well and put my arm around her back...bad idea!! 26 (+) lb baby on top of wrist, sliding down plastic slide= raw burned wrist and knees. OUCH!!! Almost like a rug burn, but waaaay worse!

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