Friday, June 19, 2009

Unplanned trip to the Dr.....

While in the gym daycare today, Kelsey fell and banged her head on the edge of the bookshelves. I came in to get her a minute or so after it happened. She had a lump on the side of her head and a blood line, luckily the skin didn't break so there was no blood everywhere. My poor baby was hysterical. I sat on the floor and held her and "tried" to put ice on her head, which just makes her scream louder. Since our Dr has opened a new office across the street from the gym, I decided to go by just to get her checked out. He felt around and tried to see if it was going to break open and it didn't. He thinks she is going to be fine. He told me to just give her tylenol/motrin every 6 hours for the pain, try to ice it some more (yeah right), and watch for signs like vomiting, passing out, not acting like herself at all. I was glad they got me in as they do not take walk-ins, but the front told me for something like this they will.

Since I was already paying a $20 copay, I also asked about her eczema which I was gonna try to schedule an appt for next week. He said to keep doing what we're doing and that it does get worse in the summer and winter. I wish there was a magic cure. They also weighed her and she is 29.25 lbs!! Whoa baby!!

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Cindy said...

Poor baby! And poor momma. :-( Glad she is doing better.

Oh, and btw, Kelsey now weighs 4 pounds more than Colin, 6 pounds less than Sean, and 10 pounds less than Brian!