Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kelsey's new pets!

Our good friends are moving to CT (so sad!!! :-( ) and can not take their 2 dogs with them. We talked about it and had decided to maybe take the younger one, Jenna(4). We went over to meet them and see. Lou realized when we were there that Eddie (7), the older one, was just so chill and pretty much like Jay in that he just lays around. Tricia had said Eddie would have no problems being separated, but she thought Jenna might have some separation issues, but that she’d be fine. We decided to have a trial run with both of the dogs. It’s been over a week now and the dogs are fine. They are both Lab mixes. They are good with Kelsey, and are already house trained. Other than a few toys chewed, and a few break out runs by Jenna, things are going smoothly. We even bought them new ID tags last weekend. Before I got Kelsey out of bed this morning Jenna had barked downstairs and I heard Kelsey (on the monitor) say “No barking Jenna!” Something I say when we are coming in through the garage when we get home and Jenna is excited to see us.

Eddie is on the left and Jenna is on the right

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