Friday, June 26, 2009

I didn't sign up for this....

Since we have been going in the pool almost every afternoon (when there is no rain), I have been flying through swim diapers like it's nobody's business. Some of my friends told me they just use the regular non-disposable swim diapers when they are in their own pool and use the other ones when they go anywhere else. Brilliant!! So I went to Target..none chance...Babies-R-Us...BINGO, and they were on sale to boot!! So I bought 2 (plus she needed them for her swim lessons as well)
OKay, base of the story is established. Now for the part I did not sign up for. HELLOOOO..what happens when they poop in these non-disposable diapers (mind you I am not a cloth diaper momma....and this is why) The first time it happened I was taking her swim shirt off and was like.."what's that stuff on your back" (You had migrated somehow out of the diaper and floated up onto her back in little pieces that looked like dirt.) I was perplexed, by chance I decided to check behind and WHOA what did I see, but something that made me say "crap, what am I supposed to do now" I am not one who is very good with poop. In fact I hold my breath (and always have) while I am changing her or anyone else. Thankfully I was outside and near a hose, so I ran her over there, carrying her by her armpits, turned the hose on, pulled those swim pants down and sprayed (ooops, it was on jet! I changed that quickly to shower) I felt so redneck hosing my daughter down outside, but what else was I supposed to do?
Now this has become a regular thing. Pretty much every time we go swimming in the Big Pool, or in her little pool the same thing happens. Luckily Lou has gotten to experience this with me as well. After the first few disgusting times, it's actually kinda funny now!!

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