Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wishin' to be a California Girl... (not really)

Last night we (Gramma/Grampa McD and I) took Ms. Kelsey to her first concert. The Beach Boys were playing at Tradition for the 10th annual Westfest. We packed up Kelsey's jogging stroller, chairs and a big blanket and proceeded to join the other 5,000 people packed on a field. We got there about 2 hours after the gates opened and we found a spot waaaaaaayyyyy in the back. A local band started the night off and then Hot Brass Monkeys (a Chicago tribute band) opened for the Beach Boys. I brought lots of toys, her dinner and her jammies. She enjoyed bouncing up and down on her knees while the local band was playing.
After I fed her and got her in her jammies, I decided to head off and try to get myself something to eat. To say the lines were long, is an understatement. I waited 30-45 min for a soft pretzel. Grampa actually came to relieve me in line because Kelsey was tired and ready to nurse so she was getting cranky. The people next to us waited in line over an hour for a funnel was insane. Kelsey was asleep when I got back to our blanket, but I nursed her anyways and then laid her down on the blanket....thinking she had done good to make it that long and would sleep the rest of the time.
I was wrong, she slept for 15 minutes or so and then something startled her. She awoke, and stayed awake. Even though she was constantly rubbing her eyes, she had a good time laughing with gramma and dancing with grampa.

It was a long night..the beach boys were supposed to come on at 8, but didn't start until after 9. Luckily we decided to leave before the end of the concert, otherwise we might still be in traffic waiting to get home :-)

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