Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby Mum Mums

Kudos to a girl in my online mom's group who mentioned these (baby mum mums) to me a while ago and to the mom in my local PSL moms group who gave it to Kelsey to try today. These are much better than the biscuits, in my opinion, because they have no oils, fats, etc. As my SIL, Michelle, recently pointed out to me that you would be surprised to find there are trans fats, hydrogenated oils, and palm oil (one of the worst sat fats)in many of the foods out there for kids. You would assume that they would all be healthy, but they aren't. As most of you know already, I make my own baby food so I have taken to reading labels before I buy anything for her. She loved these mum mums because she can hold a chunk in her hand and gnaw on it. They "melt" just like Cheerios or puffs, actually easier. They are carried at our Walmart. Just by the fact that I (you) can pronounce every ingredient on there let's you know this is not a bunch of gunk. ;-) I bought the vegetable flavor (that was all they had)and she really liked it.

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