Friday, March 14, 2008

Next thing we know she'll be walking...

I was at my parents' house the other night for dinner, since Lou had a dinner program to go to. With Kelsey not really being too mobile yet, I was back and forth between the family room, where she was on a quilt, and the kitchen, where I was making a Guiness Chocolate Cake. Both room are connected and as I was walking around the counter to check on her I noticed this:
How the heck?? When I showed Lou the picture his only question was, "how did she get up there?" That remains to be answered, as my mom and I have NO IDEA. Lou lowered her mattress last night, and ended up lowering it to the lowest setting. After he put it to the middle and put her in the crib, she grabbed on to the side and pulled herself onto her knees with her little head over the top. He figured he'd probablly have to move it again in a few weeks when she figues out how to stand, so he just lowered it all the way.

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