Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kelsey's 1st baseball game

Living in Port St. Lucie, we are only about 5 minutes from Tradition Stadium where the NY METS have spring training. We missed all of the games last year as we were traveling to Ireland and just busy being pregnant. We bought tickets for a few games this year and grampa was able to come with us.
Kelsey's first game was Saturday March 1, 2008 Mets vs Dodgers. We had tickets for the berm, which wasn't horrible, except that it was hot and the berm is pretty steep, so I couldn't really put Kelsey down. Next game we will get there a little earlier and sit up at the top, where it's a little flatter, and has some shade.
We did have a learning lesson though (it cost us $15.99)....last weekend we took Kelsey's hat out of her diaper bag and forgot to put it back in. So, we had to suck it up and buy Kelsey her first Met's hat. She did look cute in it though...and will wear it for the rest of the games too!

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