Thursday, April 3, 2008

...and she's off

So I've been meaning to video her crawling since the post last weekend because she is full on crawling now. No longer two or three little moves and then plopping on her belly. Oh how I long for the days when (not that they were many) when I could just put her down sitting on the floor and she would stay put. We went and bought gates this week, just to have on hand, and I think I am going to put up at least one today.
OFF TOPIC Poor Jay Dog (our blind 13 yr old golden retriever) is going to have to learn a new way of walking around, yet again. I'm sure he's been frustrated ever since Kelsey came because it's almost daily, if not weekly, that something has moved and is not where he remembers, so he bumps into it. For example...yesterday we gave in and got rid of (put in the closet) our coffee table and replaced them with 2 padded storage ottomans. BACK TO TOPIC
The reason being, I put her down on the carpet with her toys and walked into the garage (right around the corner) to get her food cubes out of the freezer for lunch. Literally 1 minute and I look over as I am shutting the door and she has crawled her way onto the tile to where her walker is (about 10 feet from where I put her) AHHHHHH! All I need is her crawling into the dog food bowl, hence the gate going up in that archway.


Cindy said...

Mean mommy moving her toy! Oh what fun you are in for now!!!

Terry said...

This reminds me of the time when Kevin crawled his way over to the dog food bowl and put a handful of dog nuggets in his mouth. It was the funniest sight you ever saw. Of course I was mortified but he was never in danger. He is 15 now and still making me laugh.