Monday, March 17, 2008

Help, I'm stuck!!

((((REWIND.....1 1/2 weeks ago Kelsey was naping and I went in and her little foot was peeking through the crib slats b/w the mattress and the cute I though...FAST FORWARD)))) Kelsey wakes up from her nap today crying/whining, I let it go for a few minutes hoping she will put herself back to sleep. I go in and check on her and her entire left leg (up past her knee) is STUCK hanging out between 2 slats. Oh crap...I'm trying to free her thinking ""I'm going to have to break the crib"" I'm pulling the slats apart and trying to move her leg (mind you I only have 2 hands to do this with). I am about to call someone to ask for help, when I manage to pry her leg free (without breaking the slats) HOORAY!!
Now what do I do....she is a mover when she sleeps. I certainly did not place her in the corner of her crib so she could wrangle her leg out and get it stuck. My sister to the rescue!! She suggested tucking the bumper down between the mattress and the slats. So, since I was taking everything apart, I changed the sheet at the same time. I untied all of the bows, moved the crib away from the wall so I could get to the ones in the back. Tuck Tuck, shove shove, retied the bows lower in the crib, and slid it back against the wall. Wheeeew..all this while Kelsey was whining in the pack-n-play, so I was trying to do it at warp speed. Everything is set, now hopefully this will prevent it from ahppening anymore!

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