Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We survived (and so did she)

Some of you may be wondering..."why hasn't Lori posted lately?" Well the answer is simple, We were out of the country! Lou won an awards trip to Mexico for 5 days, so we packed up and headed south of the border. We did however leave Ms. Kelsey back here in the states. That was very hard for me, Lou had left before for MBA classes and business meetinigs, but I had never left her for more than a few hours. AAAAAHH!

She was supposed to stay with her Aunt Cindy and Uncle Chris and the boy show(cousins Bian, Sean, & Colin)...but my sister decided she really didn't want to watch Kelsey and went and fractured her ankle (nice huh, all she had to do was say no!!)So we made a last minute change and Kelsey got to hang out with Gramma and Grampa McDonald for 4 days and then spent the last night/day with Cindy/Chris (that way we could pick her up quickly when we got off of the plane)

We missed her more than words can explain, but leaving her here was the best decision we made. We were able to do the zip lines through the forest, scuba dive the cozumel reef, have a couples massage, and attend all of the dinners. If we had brought our little bear we wouldn't have done any of the "excursions", but we still would have had to have a stranger watch her in Mexico in our hotel room because she was not allowed to come to the dinners.

We called her every night (except the scuba night as we got in late). She did well taking formula, since I couldn't pump enough to leave for the entire trip. I left enough for 1 BM bottle a day. She took long naps (even a morning nap, whoa!) and slept through the night (she does that for us, but I was worried she wouldn't for someone else) She learned to sit herself up from being on her tummy and she is still very close to crawling. She does this cute push up position thing when trying to crawl.

We had an incredible trip, but we are so happy to be home with our little bear! We did come home to a sick little girl, she has a cold. It's no fun for her or us, but it has led to 2 hour morning naps which I am unaccustomed to. I can't wait for her to get better as I miss going to the gym in the morning and meeting up with my mom's group. Pictures to come soon!!

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