Saturday, March 15, 2008

Puffs!! (Banana)

So, I finally gave in. A few of the mom's in my group that have little ones about Kelsey's age (few weeks older and younger), have been giving their babies puffs for a month or so now. Even though the can says they should be crawling, and 10 months, I decided to try it.
Well, I felt like a horrible mom!! I bought them on Monday and decided to give her one while our friend's Derek and Liz were visiting. She made a face, thought it was okay, then she started choking!! Her eyes were all red and watery and she was gagging...finally the mostly disolved piece came out. Pheww!! That's all I need is to have to give my 7 month old the heimlich manuever After that I broke the puff into pieces before I gave it to her.
A few days later, while we were enjoying the beautiful weather outside, I put some broken up puffs in her tray. She was having a hrd time trying to grab them since they were so small. I decided to try to whole puff again. She was able to pick them up, but couldn't find her mouth
(so I would feed them to her)
I kept trying to "teach" her how to do it, but to no avail. Finally I just let her be and sat on the couch outside with her and read. And to my surprise when I glanced over at her...she had found a way to get the puff into her mouth.( I couldn't manage to get a picture of it though) I told her I was SOOOO PROUD of her and you should have seen her smile! I have to remind myself that some things she needs wo learn/work out on her own!

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