Monday, August 18, 2008

Swim Lessons

We have enrolled Kelsey in swim lessons. They are not your typical swim lessons, but rather more of a survival swim. Should she happen to fall in the pool, these lessons teach them how to get onto their back and not panic, it's called swim float swim. The lessons are one-on-one for 4-6 weeks, M-F for 15 minutes. I've taught swim lessons, but never anything like this, or this young. This will be some of the best $$ that Lou and I ever spend on her, especially since we have a pool and so do both sets of grandparents and 2 aunts.

My friend warned me that it was going to be hard to watch today. Kelsey cried almost the entire 15 minutes, but she did so awesome. After about 3 times of being put under water, she realized/learned to hold her breath before being put under. And then she was actually starting to put her face in the water before the instructor even got finished counting. Mind you this was all through tears and crying. She also worked on floating on her back, which she did pretty good at and then the instructor had her on her belly and let her go under and "swim" to her (not really swim, but the beginning of it) I took video, but am not going to put it up for a few weeks. If I put it up now, I'm going to get phone calls from people telling me to take her out of the lessons. I want to show the comparison at the end.

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Cindy said...

As a real believer in the Safe Start programs, I would love to see the video - just send it to me.