Wednesday, August 27, 2008 word for Kelsey

Herpangina is basically the mouth version of the hand, mouth and foot virus. Guess who has guessed it.. Our one and only lovely princess!! The other day she refused to eat lunch and dinner and literally screamed for 20 minutes when I would put her in her high chair. She was cranky and fussy and didn't sleep well and had a fever over 100. With all of this, I decided to take her to the Dr yesterday after swim lessons. I was hoping it was just water in her ears or teething or at worst an ear infection. But I did not get any of that good news. Dr. checked out her ears and they looked great. When he opened her mouth (after some protest from her) he found a very red throat with ulcers on it. It's basically a RAGING sore throat. The bummer part is the virus just has to run it's course with some motrin and a mixture of maalox/chld benadryl to help soothe. He said to keep her hydrated with lots of cold drinks and milk. My crazy kid won't eat anything (he said she'll be fine), not even plain oatmeal, but she will eat craisins and raisins. I don't know..... The worst part is that it's contagious so I can't take her to the gym with me which means I can't go. We are still going to continue swim lessons though, her swim instructor just dumped some extra chlorine in yesterday to kill anything. Woohooo, I get to see people!!

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