Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disney w/ Lou's family

We went up to Orlando for the weekend with Gma Roselli, Aunt Christine, her BF Gary, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Glenn, and cousins Ryan, Isabel and Colin. We met up with them on Friday night and we all stayed at Disney's Old Key West Resort. Saturday we ventured to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours, came back to the resort for nap time and lunch, and then we went back for the rest of the evening. We booked it out of there as the fireworks were going off, so as not to get stuck in the mass exodus of people after they were over.

Aunt Michelle, Gma Roselli & Isabel on the tea cups

Daddy and Kelsey on the tea cups

The girl cousins

They even have a McDonald's at Disney. The kids (minus Kelsey) enjoyed French Fries

On Aladin's Magic Capet Ride

At the resort, the boys treated us to a pirate sword fight

The kids watching TV while Gma and Kelsey play

Kelsey had an obsession with Aunt Christine's shoes

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Rebeckah said...

Your sewing is so beautiful! I just saw your comment on Homeade by Jill page and I came over to check out your work! Your baby is adorable too! I am glad you got to go to Disney World. I am dying to take my son!