Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Favor for a Friend

One of my good friend's needed a favor and I rose to the challenge. Her oldest son was going to have surgery and she needed someone to watch her youngest son Jack, who happens to be one of Kelsey's best buds. The challenge was she needed to drop him off at 6 AM (yes I said AM! And I know that those of you that know me are laughing at the thought of me getting up that early) Lou set his alarm and we went to bed really early at 9:30ish (well normal time for Lou, but early for me since I usually hit the pillow b/w 11:30/12) Everything went well, we were up when they arrived, they quickly dropped him off since they had to be at the hospital by 6:30. Jack was great for about 5 minutes and then had a brief meltdown crying for dad and mom. I held him and stroked his arms and he quieted until Lou tried to offer him a blanket and he briefly melted down again. (Lou then left and went for a run) We watched Noggin and Sprout for a while. Jack heard Kelsey stir twice on the monitor, I tried to explain she'd be up soon. I remembered that my friend said Jack was intrigued with watching Kelsey on her blog, so I opened up the computer and showed him videos and pictures of Kai (that's how he says Kelsey)
Then it was time for breakfast. I don't know if he's too old for a bib, but I put one of Kelsey's on him and he was fine with it.

Lou got Kelsey up soon after this and she was so excited to see "Jaa" at her house in the morning. (BTW Did I mention that I had had 2 cups of coffee by 7:15, crazy) After Kelsey had her milk, they played for a bit and then it was Kelsey's turn for breakfast. Jack joined her while she was eating.The fun part of the morning was getting 2 kids dressed, in car seats, and then out of the car and into the gym. Thank goodness Jack can walk and hold hands so I could carry Kelsey. We had a good time, but both kids were very tired after the gym, and so was I!

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