Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1st Birthday Party!

At first we weren't going to decorate, but I got "mommy guilt" and decided we needed to decorate a little. On oriental trading I found a Duckie Luau theme, perfect since she LOVES ducks and the invites I made were on grass mats. Lou's entire family plus his Aunt Grace made the drive up, my whole family (except my brother and his family they are in VA), and friends were here to help us celebrate our baby girl's 1st birthday. To save our sanity we decided to order food instead of grilling out. We ordered BBQ from Sonny's and nuggets from Chick-fil-a. (and had lots of leftovers) The kids (25 of them) had a blast. They played on Kelsey's swing set, used the bubble wands as swords and went in the small bounce house we borrowed from Lou's sister.I made yellow chocolate duckies
Gma Roselli made and decorated this awesome cake in a circus theme. So cute down to the can see the "K" on the Big Top tent
Everybody gathered outside to sing happy birthday. It sounded like an entire chorus showed up to sing, it was very cool!Lou gave her her first taste of icing (sugar in general) and she did not like it. He reaction was to cry. We even tried to give her some cake the next day and we got the same reaction until we took it off of her tray.

Our good friends Chris and Michele drove up from Margate and Rob and Tammy came up from Boynton with their kids(Connor and Chloe). It was so good to see them all again. I used to work with Chris and Tammy at Westglades

Chris and Connor playing Wii

Kelsey had fun playing with Chloe (6 mos). She tried to put leis on her and gave her hugs and kisses. Kelsey was up well past her bed time, but it was worth it to be able to spend time with our friends.

.........Stay tuned for pictures of just Kelsey in her party dress. She was such a little doll!

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