Sunday, April 20, 2008

Food Updates

So, as a first time mom I have been very good at following the 4 day rule (after adding a new food you wait 4 days before introducing another new food to make sure there are no reactions), but lately I am getting antsy and not really allowing the whole 4 days. In the beginning I was on a role...every 4 days I was adding a new food, but then I quit. I'm not quite sure why. So now I am trying to get back on the train and introduce new foods...there are so many she has left to try that are approved for her age. This past week she had lentils (previous post), papaya, egg yolks (I just made hard boiled eggs and used the whites for egg salad for Lou and I), and grapes. Recently I laughed at my friend who told me she had peeled grapes for her son to eat....Go ahead and laugh at me T.... I peeled 2 grapes today and broke them up into pieces and mashed them before giving them to her. She chowed! Next I am going to try cheese (hopefully it goes better than yogurt) blueberries and cherries. I am planning on using cheese and grapes as snacks, since I have cut out a nursing session and need to fill in a gap between nap and dinner. We're also toying around with Kelsey and self feeding. Tonight I gave her 2 mango pieces (I put a little rice cereal on it so she could grab it). She picked them up and actually put them into her mouth. Man she is growing up so quickly!! I'm not ready for her to be so independent.

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Tammy said...

Way to go Kelsey.I wonder who you laughed at for peeling grapes!