Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kelsey's Hair

From day 1, Kelsey has been blessed with a very full head of hair. Almost every stranger we meet comments on how much hair she has. Most people thought it would fall out, but it has not I think she did lose a little in the front, but not enough to really notice. Since I always have a clip in her hair, some of you may not realize just how much hair she really has. Today I took a picture of her hair down and straight on her forehead....(this is prob why Lou thinks she needs a hair cut) Look how unhappy she looks with no hair bow in...

I know I have sent out a picture once before of Kelsey with a ponytail, but I really have not put one in her hair since that day. Today I decided to put a half one in, truth be told I probably could have put it all in, because her hair gets so sweaty now that it's getting hot. It was very cute. She only fidgeted a little as I was putting it in, but other than that she didn't touch it. As you can see I still put a hair bow in.

The short hairs in the front are where I think she may have lost it and it's growing back

If you look closely here, you can see how her hair is getting lighter. The tips are dark and it gets lighter the higher up you go.

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Tammy said...

She looks soo adorable. I love the bow!