Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Snack Trap

On recommendation from a friend, I went to Babies-R-Us and purchased a snack trap. Her daughter (a little older than Kelsey) uses this and it works great. Hopefully there is a short learning curve.As you can see she likes to hold open one of slats and then she likes to shake it. It's better than giving her a totally open container, I guess.

No don't eat the handles

Trying to put her hand in....Mission accomplished! (Now if she can just figure out how to get her hand out with only 1 or 2 puffs at a time)

Theoretically this will be a great buy once she learns how to use it correctly. As for now you can see the result of her "trying" to learn all over the floor.
(I just read that it's good for infants 1-5. So we have a few months until she should really be using it right.Highly recommended by a few of the mom's in my local mom's group)

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