Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick Vent

We (Kelsey and I) go to the gym monday through friday. I am prefacing this post by saying I LOVE and Trust the girls who work in the child care room during the week. Lou and I decided we would go to the gym today and get a workout in together. We signed her in left her with a girl I think I had met once and another lady. There really were not any kids in there. When Lou went to get her an hour later,Kelsey was alseep in one of their laps and they said Kelsey had fallen off the table (Picnic table) and hit her eye and had cried. NO sh*t she cried..she was hurt. Questions..Why didn't they come get us when this happened? Why would you sit an 8 month old at a picnic table by herself? So, she has this shiner on her beautiful face now. ( I know I just posted the other day about bumps and bruises from when she's arouund me, but that's different) I've been watching her all day, just to make sure she doesn't have a concussion. AAAAAaaahhhhhh! I wish my during the week girls worked on the weekends too!!

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Cindy said...

YIKES!! She's still beautiful though. No concussion I assume? I'm surprised you didn't call me :-(