Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time to clean the floors...

So, this post won't have any cute pictures of Kelsey, but it is about something we did for her. I'm married to a vary clean husband (and he is married to a not so clean wife). We find a compromise somewhere in the middle, but when it comes to Kelsey now crawling, I have to step it up a notch more in his direction. A little background.... our living area is all tile w/ a rug and we have a cat and a golden retriever (AKA shed machines) Our beloved doggy is also old and leaves what I'll nicely call "spots" on the floor that drip from his manhood. With Kelsey moving ALL over the place, we realized we need to get better about getting the hair and the "spots" off of the floor. So we had to figure out a way to make it easy, so we would both do it. (It took me over 30 minutes to mop the downstairs after vacuuming and I was drenched (no lie) in sweat).
We saw this stick vacuum on HGTV's I want that and found one similar at Bed Bath and Beyond (we eventually bought it at BJ's for $20 less) It is like a dust buster, but upright. We have been using it every night and it works great, is light and only takes a few minutes. Much better than dragging in the vacuum and plugging it in, then replugging it in in another room. While at BJ's we also saw this Steam Mop by Shark. Lou had been reading reviews of others online and had mixed feelings about steam mops, but we decided to try it anyways. We were definitely impressed. It takes about 30 seconds to heat up and then you are off. The one downfall is it does have a plug, so it limits your mobility. But even with the plug we can reach 98% of the kitchen family room floor without replugging it in somewhere else. In the past week we have "mopped" the floor 3 times, a feat unheard of before in this house. We can vacuum and mop the entire kitchen/living room in less than 10 minutes and all the "spots" are gone!! We highly recommend both of these products. Okay, done with my advertisement, next post will be a regularly scheduled Kelsey update.

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