Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

We not only had Thanksgiving day here in FL, we had Thanksgiving week! My baby sister was down from school, My brother and his family drove down from NC, my older sister and her family came from an hour north and my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Doug flew in from CO. Needless to say countless hours were spent b/w our house and my parents' visiting everyone. My dad hired the same photographer that came out last year to take a big family photo and individual family photos.

We spent time on the dock, in the pool and on bikes in the cul-d-sac.

To help my parents out, Lou and I had dinner for everyone at our house Wed night. I just love having a bunch of people over, makes me so happy to share our house with everyone. It was a cool night, so we lit the fire pit. We made chicken parm, garlic bread and tomato-feta salad...yum!
Thursday morning I made scones for my brother and his wife and Lou made his famous apple pie. After lunch we packed up the apple pie and Kelsey and headed down to Delray to spend our Thanksgiving meal/day with Lou's family. It's always a joy to see Kelsey interacting with her cousins. She has her shy moments but usually those are just in the beginning and then she opens right up. She really enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner. She had some turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry compote, green beans and sweet potato casserole (thanks Aunt Michelle). No pies this year, but she had enough sugar between the sweet potatoes and and the compote to wire her up.

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