Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lunch in Kelsey's world

Last weekend Kelsey and I took a trip up to Gainseville (UF) to be with Lou while he was in class for his MBA. During the day we were on our own and I took full advantage to finish up my Christmas shopping. Luckily there was a sandwich type place in the mall food court so I could get Kelsey some lunch. After paying for our food I turned and found these cute kid sized tables in the middle of the regular tables. I decided I could probably manage to sit in the small chairs since I saw other adults doing it as well. Kelsey had a blast being able to sit in a big girl chair at a table. She did surprisingly well. Here's some pics I took from my cell phone:

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The Berni Family said...

There's a mall near my parents house in Ohio that has chairs and tables like these! Emma loves to go there! It's amazing how grown up a simple chair and table can make a kid feel. Of course Mom is usually hunched over trying to eat since her meal is down by her knees!