Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shellfish and Citrus

I bought some grapefruit today for Kelsey to try. I gave it to her as her fruit for dinner. She was a little timid with her first taste and after trying to eat it 3 times she handed the piece to me (this is what she does when she doesn't want to eat something). Later during dinner I was able to get her to eat all of it with no fight. She tried both regular and pink. I had dinner with her tonight and I was eating a Summer Roll (with shrimp)from Publix's sushi case. (YUM) She asked for a bite, as she typically does when I am eating anything. I gave her a piece of avocado and a piece of shrimp. She ate both and asked for more..... I gave her more shrimp, and more shrimp, and more shrimp. She really liked it. I watched her carefully to make sure she had no reaction since it was her first time having shellfish. All looks good and I checked her before bed too, just to be sure! (thanks mom!)

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