Monday, December 8, 2008

Kelsey's reaction to elf boogie....

So, this afternoon I showed the elf boogie video to Kelsey. The first time she watched it all she did was keep pointing and saying POOHH!!! The second time she danced a little, pointed out Pooh again and occasionally pointed to daddy. The third time she danced, pointed to Pooh, daddy Tigger and even pointed to herself a time or two. I'm feeling like chop liver by now.... She used her words and sign to ask for more, so we watched it a 4th time too! This time I pointed to me and said who's that, she said mommy, at least she knows who I am!! She also kept pointing to Pooh and Daddy too! She wanted to watch it again, but I told her mommy would show it to her later. It was very cute, wish I had thought to tape her reaction.

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