Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Swingset Continues

Day 3....what a nightmare. Now the set we bought is supposed to be cool because you can add on LATER. Later being the key word in this sentence. Lou and I (mostly Lou) had decided to construct the main tower and swing beam first so it would be done for Kelsey's birthday, and if we had time we would add on the terrace and picnic area. So far things had been going easy schmeesy (like how I make up words??), so Lou decided to go ahead and start the terrace. The directions for the main tower and swing beam said to set the tower platform at 47 1/4 inches, so we did. Now when Lou opens the terrace box....those directions state to set the main tower platform at 59 1/4 inches and the terrace at 47 1/4. Sure sounds great, however in order to move the main tower platform we had to basically deconstruct the entire bracket system on the main tower, move it up and re-secure everything again. Had we bought this terrace addition 2 years from now and read the directions, needless to say it would have been returned. In a nutshell day 3 was spent undoing everything, raising everything a few inches and redoing it all. Lou was determined to get it done, so we were out there in the dark after dinner and finished at 11:30 pm.

Day 3: 3 1/2-4 hours

Looks almost exactly like Day 2's photo

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Cindy said...

Easy peasey lemon squeezy is my new favorite term. And "oy!"!!!