Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stepping video

As I stated in a previous post, Kelsey has started to take some steps. Last night we were at my parents' house and my sister Cindy caught a little on video (of course she didn't get the 2 times when Kels actually took 3 steps, we only got 1 1/2 steps) It was quite funny, it was time for bed and my little sister Kellie picked up Kels and she started fussin', so Kellie put her down and she almost tried to run to me. So, we did this again and again for a few go 'rounds. Catching a little on video. Kellie was not happy to have her cry when she picked her up though, so she was a reluctant participant. (Thanks to my sisters for helping to get some footage of it)

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Cindy said...

I was wondering if you had connectivity to get this up tonight!